The luxe accessories and clothing brand debuts their new doll, complete with mini duffle bag and plaid trench coat.
Coach Barbie

Courtesy COACH

The last time we saw Barbie, she was turning 53.

Well now it looks like the iconic doll has gotten a chic makeover courtesy of Coach that would make any real-life fashionista green with envy. Seriously, check out her outfit!

Not only is she now a rich brunette, but she also sports mini versions of the brand’s Tattersall trench, red leather duffle bag, oversize sunglasses and colorblock Tristan heels that were made with the same craftsmanship as the company’s other accessories.

Coach Barbie‘s ($95) ensemble also includes a green and black striped knit top and red ultra-suede skirt with actual turn-lock closures. We sure do hope they plan on offering her pieces in our size soon.

Whether it’s for your little girl or you (we know we want one!), this is definitely a Barbie to add to the collection.

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