The singer, who is expecting twins, says feeling nausea is reassuring that her pregnancy is progressing

By Peter Mikelbank and Tim Nudd
June 04, 2010 09:15 AM
KCSPresse/Splash News Online

After everything Céline Dion went through trying to get pregnant again, a little morning sickness is nothing. In fact, it’s great.

“The first two months I really felt the classical symptoms. The morning sickness, hot flashes, nausea,” the singer, 42, tells the French magazine Paris Match in a new interview. “In a certain way, that reassured me, like a sign that my pregnancy was progressing. Now, everything is falling into place. I have a little belly. I’ve gained [10 lbs.].”

Dion confirms she’s expecting twins in November, and says this sixth attempt at in-vitro fertilization was going to be her last if it hadn’t worked. “We believed in trying one more time,” she says. “If [the doctor] had told me that my body was too tired, I would have given up.”

Instead, she’s looking forward to two new babies – she’ll learn their gender in another week – who will join big brother René-Charles, 9. It’s been a while since they were new parents, but Dion and her husband and manager René Angélil plan on replicating the routines they had with their first child.

“We’ll do the same thing we did with René-Charles, who stayed with us in our bedroom for the first year,” says Dion. “We’ll keep them near us, too, because we have a big bed.”

The couple haven’t picked out names yet but are making plenty of other plans. They won’t use any nannies – “Too many people in the house disorient children,” Dion says – but will call on Dion’s sister Linda and her husband Alain for help. “My only task is to make my children happy,” Dion says. “And too bad if the house sometimes becomes a mess.”

One question: whether René-Charles might feel a bit jealous after enjoying all the attention as an only child for so long. But Dion is prepared for that, too. “We’re sensitive enough to not be blinded by the marvel of the newborns,” she says. “We have a deep relationship of nine and a half years with René-Charles, and I’ll be able to see when he needs me.”