Clearing up rumors about Seal and Heidi Klum's new baby

Rumors are flying today that Seal has announced that he and Heidi Klum‘s new baby will be a boy. However, this is untrue. Seal and Heidi have never revealed the sexes of any of their children before the birth – in fact, they were rumored to not even have found out what Henry was until the delivery!

The rumor began when Heidi’s father told Bunte, the homepage for all things in German entertainment, that he knew the sex of his new grandchild, but could not share. Bunte then checked with a doctor, who said that the only way the family would know what the sex was this early in the pregnancy was if the baby was a boy (which is of course, untrue, especially as Heidi is at least 4 1/2 months along).

Seal did mention at a recent German concert that, "The little one is coming by the end of the year." This will be the third child for the pair, also parents to Leni, 2, and Henry, 10 months.

Source: Bunte

Thanks to CBB readers Nicole and Sarah.

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