Claire Danes Says Flying 'Knocked Up' Is 'More Complicated' — and Recalls Reading 'Worst' 'Homeland' Reviews During Labor

"I don't know what they thought I was doing in there, but it was not erotic," pregnant Claire Danes said about her recent flight

Claire Danessecond pregnancy is not going as smoothly as she hoped, especially the traveling.

“Everything’s just a little more complicated when you’re knocked up,” the actress, 39, candidly told Jimmy Kimmel on Thursday.

Danes, who flew to Los Angeles just for the Jimmy Kimmel Live appearance, explained the realities of flying as a pregnant woman, specifically why compression stockings are needed.

“So there’s a lot of pressure on the lower extremities right? It interferes with circulation, so it’s harder for the blood to get back up to the heart,” said the Homeland star who is expecting her second child with husband Hugh Dancy.

“Anyway, so I hate these things and so I refuse to wear them until it’s entirely essential. I’m trying to negotiate putting them on in the teeny, tiny bathroom of the plane. It’s the last second until we take off and I’m in there for like 20 freakin’ minutes,” Danes shared.

Randy Holmes/ABC

“It turns out compression stockings are rather tight. You’re supposed to put them with, you need talcum powder. I didn’t have any of that stuff, so all the limbs were in every direction. I don’t know what they thought I was doing in there, but it was not erotic,” she hilariously added.

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Danes also shared a funny anecdote regarding her 2012 labor with son Cyrus Michael that may surprise Homeland fans.

“The day that we were going to have this person arrive, it happened to be the day of the finale of Homeland,” she recalled of being induced on the same day of the season two’s final episode, “The Choice,” aired on Showtime.

Recalling the “acute pain” that kept her up all night during labor, Danes revealed she passed the time by checking up on how fans and viewers were reacting to her show’s finale.

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“Three in the morning when you’re looking for feedback, what you mean is, ‘Who hates me and how much?’ So, it didn’t take long for me to find the worst possible reviews available on the Internet,” she quipped. “It kind of occurred to me, ‘Oh, I think I’m in labor. I think this is happening. And I’m reading bad reviews. I don’t think it gets more masochistic than that. So, I put the phone down.”

And for her second pregnancy, Danes recently revealed that she kept the cast and crew of her hit series in the dark during the early days of her pregnancy.

“I was filming during the first trimester which is kind of my least favorite phase because you just feel horrible,” she said in April. “You feel just rotten and you’re not allowed to say why.”

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