Claire Danes: My Son Cyrus Is a 'Real Set Baby' on Homeland

"I have so many photos of him in various stages of development in Carrie Mathison's chair," she says

Claire Danes Paleyfest

As season 5 of Homeland prepares to commence shooting, the show’s star and producer, Claire Danes, is ready to get back on the set.

But she’s likely not the only one: Danes’s 2-year-old son Cyrus Michael Christopher has practically grown up around the cast and crew.

“He’s the Homeland baby,” Danes told PEOPLE at the 32nd PALEYFEST opening night, which honored the Showtime hit, on Friday.

“I was pregnant with him filming. Third season, he was five months. I have so many photos of him in various stages of development in Carrie Mathison’s chair.”

Danes, 35, and her husband, Hannibal star Hugh Dancy, 39, have both worked continuously since their son’s birth, so it is no surprise that Cyrus is already a little director in training.

“He says, ‘Action!’ ” shares Danes. “He’s a real set baby. It’s really sweet. He loves the [show’s operations room] because of all the lights. It’s a great environment for a kid. It’s the circus!”

And though Danes continues to love being a mom — “Motherhood is amazing,” she says — she’s eager to get back to work on the new season of Homeland.

“I learned today that we’re going to be based in Germany,” the multiple Emmy winner shares, adding that the new season will take place over two years after season 4 ended.

“I think the idea is that she’s left the C.I.A., she’s utterly disenchanted and isolated, and during those intervening years, she’s acquired a life which she’s never had before.”

In other words, get ready to see a lot more of the “Carrie Cry Face,” Danes’s chin and lip quivering combo which has been on display dating back to the My So Called Life days.

When asked by an audience member during the panel’s Q & A about the infamous look, Danes cracks up before responding with, “I swear to God, it’s just what my face does!”

— Matthew Cole Weiss

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