Cindy Margolis discusses fertility struggle in new book

As mom to 5 ½-year-old Nicolas Isaac, conceived via gamete intra-fallopian transfer (GIFT), and 2 ½-year-old twins Sabrina and Sierra, delivered by a surrogate, Cindy Margolis knows a thing or two about infertility.

The 42-year-old actress has authored the book ‘Having a Baby…When The Old-Fashioned Way Isn’t Working’ ($15), which chronicles her quest for motherhood, a quest which Cindy says began in earnest on her honeymoon with husband Guy Starkman. According to Cindy, despite "two weeks of the most amazing, nonstop sex you could imagine," the couple failed to conceive a baby — and the mental anguish began to set in. Fearing that she was "going nuts," Cindy writes,

I thought I was being punished for my past mistakes: I should never have cheated on my first love with that cute actor who turned out to be a jerk!  I set up a baby shrine next to my bed … I wrote letters to my unborn baby. I lit fertility candles, saw a psychic and then a healer, and even had my stomach blessed by a priest, a rabbi and a minister. When all that didn’t work, I was convinced it was because God saw through me.

When conditions were best for baby-making, Cindy was ready — and she expected Guy to be, too.

I would call Guy off the basketball court, out of a meeting, away from a family function, and even home early from a business trip . . . I even told him once that if he didn’t get home within 10 minutes and have sex with me, I would find someone else who would.

Now that they are a family of five and Cindy’s dreams of motherhood have been fulfilled, she offers hope for others who face similar obstacles, urging readers "please, never give up the faith."

Source: NY Post

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