"[Russell and I] discuss a lot of things ... a lot of good things!" she tells PEOPLE

She may have named her latest album, Jackie, after her mother, but Ciara also loves boasting about her sweet baby boy.

“He is awesome! He is 15 months going on 3 years old,” the singer told PEOPLE of her son, Future Zahir, while attending the Essence Street Style Awards on Sunday.

As Future switches from baby babble to his first words, the Grammy winner admits she’s had to watch what she says while around her son.

“He’s like a parrot now, he’s in the parrot stage so he [copies] everything you say — which you have to be careful with!” she says.

“The other day we were saying, ‘Thank you, Jesus’ and I would say, ‘Say, thank you!’ and he would say, ‘Tank you!’ I’d say, ‘Je-sus’ and he’d say, ‘Yee-yus.’ It is so sweet!”

Ciara son Future Zahir talking


Ciara, 29, made headlines earlier this year when she and her boyfriend, Seattle Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson, shared their religious vow of celibacy in their relationship.

When asked how Wilson, 26, is with her son she says, “He is just an amazing guy. Honestly, him being in my life is really sweet … Life is pretty good, I can say that.”

As far as siblings for Future, Ciara, who often visits Seattle Children’s Hospital with her boyfriend, tells PEOPLE, “I definitely [want more kids], yes. [Russell and I] discuss a lot of things … a lot of good things!”

Jackie includes the touching lullaby “I Got You,” a song she dedicated to Future.

— Kristen Caires