August 19, 2015 09:00 PM

Ciara has spoken out after her ex-fiancé raised concerns about their 15-month-old son Future Zahir spending time with her new boyfriend, NFL star Russell Wilson.

The singer is making no apologies for having her baby boy bond with the new man in her life.

“Wouldn’t you want someone to love on your child, or love on the child that you’re speaking about?” the 29-year-old said Wednesday on CBS This Morning.

The singer/songwriter, who featured her son in her “I Got You” video last May, says her son is her top priority — and she’s primarily concerned about how he will respond to the comments.

“People are going to talk about me. I was built for this, this is what I’m supposed to be doing,” she explains. “But when it comes to your child, it’s something I don’t take lightly. At the end of the day, my son will be the one that’s affected the most out of this. I think people have to think about that versus just shouting out things.”

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Rapper/producer Future spoke out on Twitter earlier this month after images of his son hugging Wilson while visiting him at Seattle Seahawks training camp appeared on social media.

“Never make a permanent decision over a temporary circumstance. #umtoobossedup,” he Tweeted.

Ciara says she reached out to her son’s father afterwards to try to get him and Wilson to discuss the incident, but “he didn’t want to talk to me.” The couple ended their engagement a year ago.

“To speak on such a sensitive and real situation when you don’t have all the facts, that to me is the frustrating part of it all because again, us adults will be fine, but my son has to grow up one day and he has to see,” says Ciara, who confirmed she and Wilson continue to practice celibacy. “We didn’t get to talk, so that was that.”

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Meanwhile, the performer admits motherhood has changed her entire outlook on life — and the result can be seen in her work.

“After having my child, it allowed me to be in tune with my true feelings and my true thoughts,” she shares. “I’m like, ‘I am who I am, take it or leave it,’ and I just poured all that into my music and allowed myself to just be free in the process.”

— Kathy Ehrich Dowd

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