Ciara and Russell Wilson on the 'Non-Stop Entertainment' of Raising 3 Kids: 'It's Been a Blessing'

"They love to fight, but then they love each other so much at the same time," the parents tell PEOPLE about their "hilarious" children as they celebrate the release of their new book, Why Not You?

Ciara and Russell Wilson are feeling "grateful" for their full house. The singer and NFL player have embraced the chaos of managing their three kids, telling PEOPLE it is "non-stop entertainment."

The pair, who have been married since 2016, are parents to 19-month-old son Win Harrison, daughter Sienna Princess, 4, as well as son Future Zahir, 7, whom Ciara shares with ex Future.

Ciara, 36, explains that they now have a house packed with little comedians, saying, "These kids are funny. Our kids are really hilarious, and obviously the older they get, the more they think they know."

While the kids "run the house" at this point, their loving mom confesses it's youngest son Win who is "leading the charge" with his siblings. "They say the third baby kind of moves or learns the quickest because they're trying to keep up with their siblings, and he's on it," she says. "He's talking really early, he's moving, he's a big baby and he's really tall, you know?"

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ciara, russell wilson

Ciara admits that Sienna and Future are "so sweet" with their new sibling, as Future especially grows into his duties as a big brother. "He's so loving and he has a big heart, but you really see it come out, especially in his interactions with Win," she says. "You can tell [Win]'s already kind of looking up to him."

Meanwhile, Sienna has taken on her little brother as her very own. "She thinks that he's her baby sometimes, especially when he was smaller, so that's really cute."

The doting mom is also quick to point out that her "mini-me" daughter isn't afraid to "let her inner lioness out" as the sole female of the kids, a "fearlessness" that has rubbed off on young Win.

It's those big personalities that sometimes cause the most mayhem, but Future will step in as mediator. "Future is just like the kid with the wisdom who's probably the calmest," Ciara continues. "But also is like, 'Hey, I'm the biggest one, so keep that in perspective.' "

The couple say it's "been amazing to see all the kids interact with each other," but that it can quickly become a "WWE match situation" among the trio. "They love each other so much, and then they also have what I call a love-fight relationship," Ciara says. "They love to fight, but then they love each other so much at the same time, and Russ gets in the mix sometimes."

Wilson, 33, adds that "he's daddy monster most of the time," and they couldn't be loving the experience more. "It's been so much fun," Ciara gushes. "Honestly, it's been a blessing. You know, we got triple the love now."


The multi-hyphenates have been so inspired by the love of their children that they've parlayed it into a new children's book titled Why Not You?

Illustrated by Jessica Gibson, the project is a "dream come true" for the pair and is an extension of their Why Not You Foundation, which they started in 2014 to "equip today's youth with the skills and opportunities to become tomorrow's leaders," according to the foundation website. It poses questions like: "Why can't you be the star? Why can't you change the world? Why can't you tell your story?"

"When Ciara and I first met, one of the first things we talked about is if we could do one thing, what would it be?" Wilson recalls. "We talked about opening up a school. Well, we did that with the Why Not You Academy, and then we also talked about having a book, and so our goals and dreams are being accomplished as we speak."

He adds that they're excited to give kids a "sense of hope," as well as provide something they can pass on to their own offspring. "They love reading and I think Ciara is the queen of reading to our kids. I'm pretty good, but they always want mama to read the most."

why not you book cover

The pair were intent on including messages passed onto them by their own parents and were "excited" to show their kids the final product. "We always thought that nothing was impossible, and we always tell them the same thing, so they were a part of our mindset and how we wanted to tell that story.... we want kids to have that inspiration and confidence to succeed," Wilson explains of the book, which they are hoping to turn into a series.

"It definitely feels like the beginning of so much more in the space, so it's super exciting," adds Ciara. "There's a lot of future leaders out there that we want to empower."

With such busy schedules, as well as a packed home, the Grammy-winning artist admits "it takes a village" to manage everything in their lives, but Wilson notes that they're able to balance everything "in a beautiful way" so that they still have time for themselves.

"Me and Ci always put each other at the top of the order," he says. "Besides her coming on the football field and playing football and me being in the studio, we pretty much do everything together."

Ensuring they "put each other first" includes "being sticklers" about weekly date nights and taking on new projects they can tackle as a duo. The lovebirds also believe it "was such a gift" getting to spend so much time together on their book.

"That's been a blessing, and then also keeping our date nights consistent is important," says Ciara. "If we don't take care of us, we're not going to be the best for our household."

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