Disney star Christy Carlson Romano shares photos of her baby girl and opens up about life as a new mom exclusively with PEOPLE


Christy Carlson Romano is still getting used to life with a newborn two months after welcoming her daughter Isabella Victoria on Christmas Eve, but the former Disney actress is also soaking up every minute with her new little family.

“She’s just really, really sweet,” the actress — who wed her husband Brendan Rooney, 34, in 2013 — tells PEOPLE exclusively. “She seems very relaxed, but she also seems like she’s able to put her foot down.”

The couple’s baby girl “looks identical to Brendan right now,” and Romano is looking forward to watching their daughter change in the coming months. “Every day her eyes get a little bit wider and wider, so she’ll look more like me,” she says. “Ultimately, I’m okay if she looks like him or is a mix of us.”

Credit: Christa Renee

Over the last couple months, Romano’s hit many first-time mom milestones, including being covered in spit up — and more. “She’s pooped on me. That’s a badge of honor!” jokes the Even Stevens star, 32. “It’s scary when she spits up because I’m like, ‘What is that? Is that bad? Is that normal?’ ”

But with a “really level-headed” husband (“I pulled her out of the womb!” says the proud dad) who thrives under pressure, the new parents have settled into a system.

Credit: Christa Renee

“He’s very supportive of me. She’ll get up around 7 a.m. — I’ll have been up all night, though! Brendan will get up and we’ll change her together, then transition to him doing the morning routine so I can try to sleep.”

At the end of the day, however, it’s still spending time together as a whole family that means the most to Romano.

“Most of the time it’s either him or me, so the times we can have family time where we’re giving her snuggles together or reading her a book, that’s special time for us,” she says.