Christy Carlson Romano's Blog: Keeping My Cool During Summer Shoots and Stitches (While Pregnant!)

In her first blog for PEOPLE, the Even Stevens alum talks about the ups and downs of her first two trimesters

Please welcome our newest celebrity blogger, Christy Carlson Romano!

The actress is best known for her early-2000s Disney Channel work, including her turn as type-A older sibling Ren Stevens on Even Stevens, and for voicing the titular character in the animated series Kim Possible. In 2004, she starred on Broadway as Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast.

Romano, 32, married writer-producer Brendan Rooney in a romantic winter-wonderland wedding set against the backdrop of the Fairmont Banff Springs in Alberta, Canada, on New Year’s Eve 2013.

The couple are expecting their first child, a daughter, on Christmas Day.

You can find Romano on Instagram and Twitter @ChristyRomano.

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog

Natalie Black

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I’ve been lucky to have had an eclectic, widespread career thus far, and have been at it for a LONG time: singing, dancing, acting, doing voiceover work, producing, writing, and most recently, my greatest passion, directing.

I started performing on Broadway when I was 6 and went on to do a lot more musical theater until I eventually landed my first film, Woody Allen‘s Everyone Says I Love You, when I was 11. I was a singing, dancing Chiquita Banana and still can’t get the song out of my head.

Years later, I moved to L.A. and embarked on filming the part I’m most known for: Ren on Even Stevens (not my real name, hint-hint). This led to me booking Kim Possible and eventually playing Belle in Disney’s Beauty and the Beast on Broadway — which later took me to Barnard College, one of Columbia University’s undergraduate schools.

This is where I met my husband, Brendan Rooney: a writer-producer, Marine veteran and all-around heartthrob. I mean, have you seen this guy?! I get to procreate with him!

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog 1

Philip Samuel Martin

We eventually moved out to Los Angeles, got married in Banff, Canada, and most recently — after working on our first film together, Christmas All Over Again — became pregnant!

The movie, which comes out this holiday season, was my feature directorial debut. Brendan and I wrote the movie together and got pregnant during production. Talk about collaboration!

Now that I’ve barraged everyone with my/our backstory, let’s get into my first trimester (we can just call it YUCK-VILLE), second trimester and the absolutely INSANE recent events that happened with my husband (PREVIEW: He stopped a murder and saved a woman’s life).

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog 2

Michael Feifer

First Trimester

Rule #1: Admit that you are powerless to your little butt-kicker, who will bend your insides around like origami, forcing you to befriend your toilet.

As soon as I became pregnant, the type-A Ren Stevens in me bought every book on the market, from the obscure to the well known What To Expect When You’re Expecting. I buried myself in all things baby and read over and over again about the impending nausea that was to come my way.

I thought I absorbed everything, but no book could get my body ready for the extreme fatigue and nausea that descended upon me in week five. I tried to convince myself it was going to go away any minute or that I could outsmart it, but NOTHING WORKED. I tried eight prenatal vitamins before finally settling on CitraNatal 90 (in case you’re like me and ripping your hair out, this one was the easiest to stomach).

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog 3

Philip Samuel Martin

Brendan was shocked to see me so worn out; I hardly ever get sick or feel ill. After all, I’ve always followed the time-old mantra “the show must go on” since my young days in the theater. But not this time. I needed to ask for help for once, and Brendan proved to be a ROCKSTAR teammate.

After tons of Googling and Preggie Pop wrappers (they are helpful and tasty!), we figured out when the nausea would come it was our daughter-to-be communicating that she wanted to be fed, and that if I was always eating something, it would help ease the pain … a little. After that, Brendan started cooking me three meals per day, giving me foot rubs and granting my every request. Yes, I know, the struggle is real …

When we finally started to put together a routine to minimize the TOILET GAMES (no doubt meant to be shouted like HUNGER GAMES!!!), a great acting opportunity popped up and the show really did have to go on!

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog

Natalie Black

Rule #2: Always carry a portable fan with you while pregnant on a film set.

I got a call from my manager that I had booked the lead role in a, wait for it … Christmas movie. That’s right, a SECOND Christmas movie called Christmas in the Red, which is also coming out this holiday season.

What’s stranger? In this movie, my character gives birth to a baby on Christmas Day, which is the day our daughter is due in real life! So, just to recap: baby conceived while making a Christmas movie, due on Christmas Day, booked a second Christmas movie, where I play a character who gives birth on Christmas Day. Weird, right?!

Also, Brendan and I are OBSESSED with Christmas. So, yeah, these strange cataclysmic events are just the pinnacle of happiness for us. Problem is, being pregnant on set in the middle of L.A. in June = HOT and EXHAUSTED.

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog

Christy Carlson Romano

The thing about acting is, it’s repetitious. You do take, after take, after take, and spend long hours on your feet. Don’t get me wrong — our director, who’s a dear friend, knew I was pregnant and was extremely accommodating, but that didn’t stop the California heat wave.

To fellow actresses who are pregnant and shooting in the summer, or anyone who’s pregnant and spends a ton of time outside on their feet, remember: BRING A PORTABLE MIST FAN WITH YOU EVERYWHERE YOU GO. This is not a suggestion, this is a MUST.

We were shooting in a small town in a beautiful house, and the temperatures were record highs. I know what you’re thinking: Just turn on the AC, right? Wrong. Problem is, you can’t have the AC on while you shoot because the noise of the AC interferes with the sound. No AC, record highs — oh, and a wardrobe outfit that requires a corset on your ever-expanding belly. I think you can put two and two together about what happens next.

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog

Christy Carlson Romano

That said, Brendan was great. He drove me to and from set every day (long commute) even though he was in the middle of working on a TV pilot for his agents. He also brought me lots of decaf iced teas. We were both so wrapped up in work, and since I’d been having massive pregnancy brain (it’s definitely a REAL thing), we didn’t even think about buying a portable mist fan until the last day! Oh well. ?

Rule #3: Take comfort in knowing the second trimester is so much easier than the first!

Second Trimester (so far)

Rule #1: Try to remember your husband might be a real-life Batman, who keeps the city streets safe at night while you’re sleeping.

You may or may not know via my social media, but while I was out of town on business, sleeping, Brendan saved a woman’s life. I’m still in shock!

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog

Christy Carlson Romano

Brendan and his brother were walking in Los Feliz, a neighborhood in Los Angeles, at night to meet a friend when they heard a group of young women screaming across the street. Brendan, having served four years in the Marines, knew something was wrong. He peered over and saw a man yell, punch one of the women in the face, then pull out a knife on her. Brendan sprung into action, bolted across the street, brought the man down in a choke hold, disarmed the knife from his hand and held him there until the police came.

The police were calling him a hero and the woman thanked him for saving her life, They gave the police their reports and shortly after, his brother realized Brendan had injured his knee in the process. He was sent to the hospital immediately, where he received 14 stitches. His brother called and told me everything that happened.

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog

Christy Carlson Romano

I have to admit, I wasn’t thrilled that he put his life in danger with our daughter on the way, but I am also so incredibly grateful to have such an amazing man to call my husband. You hear people talk about what they’d do in this type of situation, but who actually does stuff like this?! AMAZING.

And did I mention I am still in shock?! Jeesh!

Brendan’s since been on crutches, elevated and healing, and I’ve been taking care of us: cooking, cleaning up, re-reading him the Harry Potter book series (just kidding, we watched all the movies and ate ice cream).

I’m grateful to be feeling much better these days and to be embracing the start of my role as a mom. In just five months, it will be a full-time gig for me, so why not get a head start? We’ve recently started trying out colors for the nursery and have been continuing to read tons of tons of books. I encourage all of you parents-to-be to read as much as you can and absorb only what feels right to you.

Christy Carlson Romano pregnancy blog

Christy Carlson Romano

I look forward to telling you all about the next phases and hope to report on a more tranquil second half of my second trimester. Stay tuned for more of my mommy (mis)adventures!

Lots of Love,

— Christy
(or Kim or Ren … if you must)

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