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Christine Lakin is a new mom!

Best known for her role as Al Lambert on the ’90s hit series Step by Step, the actress also has a recurring role as the voice of news anchor Joyce Kinney on Family Guy. She recently starred in Mother’s Day, and the independent film The Ledger.

Lakin, 37, and Brandon Breault were married in October 2014.

In November, the mom-to-be announced she was pregnant and expecting a baby girl.

The couple welcomed their first child, daughter Georgia James, on March 6.

Lakin can be found on Instagram and Twitter @yolakin.

Courtesy Christine Lakin

Well, here we are. Georgia is 3 months old already (how did that happen?!), and life is starting to take on a new normal as my husband dives into another semester of grad school and I go back to work part-time — which was really tough in the beginning.

I had a complete meltdown the night before my first full day back. My husband was watching her and I knew she would be just fine, but oh the guilt … it’s indescribable. You working moms know. I must have checked in every hour that first day away; I asked for multiple pictures and videos. Major FOMO for the baby.

Courtesy Christine Lakin

I’m still breastfeeding, and going back to work does present those new challenges. I have pumped in some really random locations (my car, the backlot of a western set, the bathroom of a house on location), but you do what you have to, and thankfully the folks I work with are always gracious about it (as they should be #normalizebreastfeeing!).

I was really focused on cooking and eating balanced meals when I was pregnant, but being a new mom presents a lot of challenges in that department, too. First off, there never seems to be time to do the type of cooking I used to find enjoyable; and, secondly, I’m nursing and really don’t want to eat crap every day.

Yes, it’s summer, and I may want to be in a swimsuit again sometime this decade, but, more importantly, while the diet of a teen boy might be accessible, it’s not the best for me or my baby. Breakfast is one of the hardest because I need to get fueled for my day ahead while nursing her, getting ready, walking the dogs … you get it. It’s basically mass chaos up in this hizzy.

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Courtesy Christine Lakin

I bought a bunch of frozen fruit and started making smoothies with USANA‘s vanilla powder that they had sent me to try out. Delicious, quick and packed with protein — three magic words. Plus, I can basically suck it down one-handed, which, if you’ve ever tried feeding a baby and yourself at the same time, is a very big deal. I personally hate waste so this is where all our brown bananas or over-ripe fruit goes — into the freezer and then into these smoothies. (My husband has no idea I’m pawning off our bruised bananas so elegantly.)

Georgia is a tiny little gal but feisty and strong and holding her head up well, albeit for the occasional head butt (ouch). She is definitely finding her voice! Mostly giggles and coos, but the soprano in her cry is — HOLY COW — impressive! For the most part, she’s an angel; not a great napper, but she sleeps 9-10 hours at night (I know, don’t hate), and I will totally trade day sleep for that.

The dogs (our other two children) are so sweet with her. They are very protective, which is great 99 percent of the time, until one of them barks at Amazon delivery and she wakes up. Argh! Codybear sleeps in her room and Zoe follows me around and sits at my feet when I nurse. Zoe is also great at licking up the spit up off the floor (one less chore for me?).

Courtesy Christine Lakin

I strap her in my Ergo and leash up the dogs and we all take walks several times a week, which consequently is about the only exercise I get. I do remember my abs before baby and while it’s a nice memory, I’m in no rush to find them. My body is different and I’m okay with that. I feel good, have pants that fit, everyone is healthy and that’s really the only thing that matters right now.

The biggest thing about adjusting back to life with a baby for me is still finding that balance between being that prepared, driven self I am at my core — making sure she goes down for naps on time, that I’m making enough milk, she gets enough activity — and being mindful to also go with the flow. Enjoy the sweet moments even when they don’t fit in anyone’s schedule.

I napped on the floor with her for an hour this afternoon because that’s where she fell asleep and it was so sweet to cuddle for that hour. I woke up to two dogs on either side of me and a fairly confused husband.

Courtesy Christine Lakin

We’ve been so lucky to have both sets of parents out for visits. They are great with Georgia (and the dogs) and we’ve gotten to take some date nights out to dinner.

My first Mother’s Day was pretty awesome. Breakfast in bed by the hubby, an afternoon massage and home to a hot bath and glass of champagne. I mean … not bad!

— Christine Lakin

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