Costabile opens up exclusively to PEOPLE about his intimate wedding with Christina Perri and why they're waiting to find out their child's sex

By Karen Mizoguchi
December 15, 2017 05:35 PM

They just said their “I do’s” and now Christina Perri and husband Paul Costabile can’t wait to say hello to their first child.

Since the newlyweds revealed their engagement in June, they’ve also shared news of their pregnancy and in October, Costabile announced he’ll be the host of the latest version of the classic game show, Beat the Clock, on Universal Kids.

“It’s crazy. I never would’ve thought I would enter the new year as a new husband and new dad with a new kids’ show. It’s all one big dream together, it’s really cool,” Costabile, 30, tells PEOPLE exclusively.

Christina Perri and Paul Costabile Credit: Paul Costabile/Instagram
Paul Costabile and Christina Perri
| Credit: Paul Costabile/Instagram

And as the couple prepare to welcome their baby, they have chosen to not find out the sex of their child until the day of the birth.

“We are [keeping the sex a secret], but it’s also a secret from us,” Costabile reveals. “We’re old souls and old school. In a world of so much technology, we decided to just wait and see what happens because we’d rather be surprised the day of. It’s been an exciting waiting time.”

But one thing the parents-to-be do know is that his or her name will have an Italian influence.

“We both speak Italian, we both love being Italian. Both our families are from Italy so it’s definitely a big part of us and our family regardless,” Costabile says of naming their child. “No matter what the name, we’ll be saying bambino and bravo at our dinner table no matter what.”

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Family has always been the most important part of both their lives and played an important role in their intimate Dec. 12 wedding in New York.

“It was something we did just for us. It was really a nice, intimate beautiful day with us and our families. Classic too,” the entertainment reporter describes. “It was nice for us because we can get really busy especially with that world of wedding planning, so we just decided to make it a very intimate special thing for us now.”

Christina Perri and Paul Costabile
| Credit: Christina Perri/Instagram

Adding, “And the special thing is that we met that same day around the corner. Christina’s big on dates so we just decided, ‘We met this day. We’ll always remember this anniversary, let’s make it the official day for us.’ It’s a super special time of year for us. We both love December, we love the holidays. It became like our little thing. And I wouldn’t have had it any other way. I’m really happy and super proud to call her my wife. It’s really exciting, I’m actually doing it all the time, like ‘Excuse me, my wife’ or ‘You guys need my wife?’ It’s really fun.”

Beat the Clock - Season 1
Paul Costabile
| Credit: Chris Haston/Universal Kids

While 2017 has been a whirlwind year for Costabile and Perri, 31, he shares that the timing couldn’t have been better.

“The timing of our lives especially with this game show and our marriage and the baby, I just feel really grateful that it’s all happening as it should at this time in our lives,” Costabile says. “It’s oddly very serendipitous for me that I’m about to have a baby and doing a kids’ show. You can’t plan it this way but I feel fortunate that it timed out this way.”

Becoming a dad will very soon be a dream come true for Costabile, who also achieved his life-long dream of becoming a game show host.

“It’s a dream. I’ve said my whole career, and I don’t know if it’s because I said it enough or because I’ve been dreaming of game show hosting my whole life,” he says. “Truly I’ve said it to everybody. It means a lot to me to do something wholesome and fun, especially with kids. It feels rewarding to get the dream gig.”

Kids and their adult relatives will compete using skill strategy, teamwork and a bit of luck to pull off wacky and hilarious challenges, many from the original 1950s show, all while racing against the clock to make it to the final round where they will compete against “The Big Clock” to win the grand prize.

Beat the Clock premieres on Tuesday, Feb. 6 at 7:30 p.m. EST on Universal Kids.