Pregnant Christina Milian Is 'Starting to Feel Little Kicks and Flutters' with Her Baby Boy

"I definitely know I can count on him to be very helpful," Christina Milian says of boyfriend Matt Pokora

Christina Milian has reached an exciting stage in her pregnancy.

“It’s going great. It’s exciting. I’m so excited,” the actress and singer, who’s expecting a son with boyfriend Matt Pokora, tells PEOPLE Now.

“I’m starting to feel little kicks and flutters now,” she says.

Milian, who is already a mother to 9-year-old daughter Violet Madison, went on to explain that being pregnant with a boy is a lot different.

“I had no morning sickness, everything’s been fine,” Milian, 37, adds. “Even my belly, I carry it different than a girl. It’s kind of weird to experience that. Having a boy is pretty awesome.”

Of course, it helps that her daughter is “super excited” for the baby’s arrival as well.

“I’ve got a little mini-mom on the side that’s gonna help me out,” Milian says.

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Christina Milian Gender Reveal Party
Christina Milian/ Instagram; Nils Erik

While Milian, who will star in the upcoming Netflix film Falling Inn Love says she doesn’t often experience pregnancy cravings, she had one very specific food she couldn’t get enough of before her daughter’s birth.

“With my daughter, I had cravings for onions, so that was kinda weird,” Milian notes. “It was so good.”

This time around, her cravings are a little more on the normal side.

“My most recent craving was pizza,” she shares.

“I must be pregnant then” her Falling Inn Love costar Adam Demos quips.

Christina Milian & Adam Demos
People Now

With months left before their son’s arrival, Milian’s already given some thought to how she and her boyfriend will split up parenting duties.

“He can do all the doody,” she says with a laugh, “and I’ll do all the rest.”

Christina Milian
Christina Milian/Instagram

As for how she thinks Pokora will adapt to fatherhood, Milian says she’s sure he’ll “be a natural.”

“He’s super excited. We’ll figure it out,” she says. “I definitely know I can count on him to be very helpful.”

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