September 16, 2011 04:00 PM

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New mom Christina Applegate has taken a backseat to baby — and she couldn’t be happier.

“We’ve been self-obsessed for a long time. I had my baby at … 39!” the actress tells USA Today. “Thirty-nine years of doing whatever I wanted to do. Getting up when I wanted to get up. Going where I wanted to go. Completely self-involved.”

However, things have undoubtedly changed since Applegate and her fiancé Martyn Lenoble welcomed 7-month-old daughter Sadie Grace.

And while the adjustment has been “easy” for the Up All Night star, she admits she has had to make a few sacrifices along the way for her baby girl’s sake.

“Last night Martyn got to see the Red Hot Chili Peppers at the Troubadour. All our friends were there. Except for me. Just sayin’,” she shares.

“It’s not Sadie’s fault. But someone also had to be there with Sadie. I didn’t get to go.”

The couple spent the first six months sans nanny, only recently hiring help while Applegate is busy filming her new series. As a result, run-ins with the paparazzi have been limited — and the protective mama hopes to keep it that way.

“I have not left the house in six months. This is my coming-out party. My bubble has been real tight and real quiet,” she explains. “If anyone gets too close to my kid with a camera, something violent may happen to them.”

For now the tight-knit trio is enjoying their time together at home and cherishing each moment spent with Sadie.

“Every day at around 5 p.m., after she gets up from her third nap, we go outside by the pool and sit with her,” Applegate reveals. “We blow bubbles. We chill out and look at the trees. That’s the time Martyn and Sadie and I have together. No one’s there. It’s really nice.”

— Anya Leon

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