December 23, 2014 10:00 AM

She’s mom to 3½-year-old daughter Sadie. She’s the creative partner of FabKids. And she has a seriously cool sense of style.

So who better than Christina Applegate to share the perfect presents for parents to pick up when out shopping for their littlest loved ones.

The actress is revealing her top five holiday gift picks for the kiddie crowd — from adorable eco-friendly tea sets to her all-time favorite bedtime book.

Check them out below!

Courtesy Christina Applegate

1. The Giving Tree, by Shel Silverstein ($10)

I believe there is nothing greater than giving a book as a gift. I love this one — it’s a children’s classic with a wonderful message.

Courtesy Christina Applegate

2. FabKids Glitter Slip-Ons ($20)

The glitter sneakers are awesome for running around and playing, making them such a great gift for any of your friends with little girls who like to run, play and sparkle.

Courtesy Christina Applegate

3. Racin’ Rody ($50)

Rody was such a great addition to our home — he brings out giggles and smiles.

Courtesy Christina Applegate

4. Green Toys Tea Set ($28)

Having a tea party is perfect mommy-and-me time, sitting around and drinking our pretend tea.

Courtesy Christina Applegate

5. Color Me! Hearts & Flowers ($35)

This is such a great activity to do with kids. You can decorate the cookies together and then eat them after!

Courtesy Christina Applegate

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