March 14, 2012 11:30 AM

Courtesy Scholastic Parent & Child

She’s won over the hearts of countless critics, but this time Christina Applegate has finally met her match in daughter Sadie Grace.

“She loves it when I imitate a monkey — she starts imitating a monkey too. Every day there’s something different that she thinks is hysterical,” the actress, 40, tells Scholastic Parent & Child in their April issue.

“And you try to use it again and again, but then by the third time, she doesn’t find it funny anymore. Sadie is a much harder critic than the public.”

The 13-month-old is exposed to the musical world through watching dad, music producer Martyn LeNoble strum the guitar, but Applegate admits her “independent” girl is already showing signs of a funny bone.

“She makes me laugh every day — she’s a funny little kid and a happy girl,” she says.

“She’ll stand on a little box in our room and press her musical bear until she finds the song she wants. Then she grooves, dances, and stomps around for 20 minutes. She has the best time all by herself.”

Applegate welcomed Sadie in January of last year and began work for her role on Up All Night only six weeks later. If given the chance to do things again, she says, her path as a new parent would be very different.

“In hindsight, I don’t know if I would have started again so early, because there are a lot of hours away from her,” she reveals. “It’s been very difficult for me.”

Fortunately, the first-time mom has managed to band together with fellow actors Maya Rudolph and Will Arnett and spend time bonding over their babies.

“We’re always showing each other our videos. What’s nice is that none of us sit there and think, ‘Oh no, they’re showing videos again,'” Applegate explains.

“We all love each other’s kids, so we’re enthusiastic. If Will shows us his son walking for the first time, we’re excited and supportive.”

– Anya Leon

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