June 07, 2010 02:00 PM


Christina Aguilera has more to worry about than whether or not you dig her latest single.

The songstress and mom says even though she’s excited about the release of her new album, Bionic, getting back into the swing of things doesn’t come without a cost.

“The toughest part is the schedule — balancing that between being a mommy and being able to still concentrate and focus on the work,” Aguilera, 29, told PEOPLE at the MTV Movie Awards Sunday at Gibson Amphitheatre in L.A.

“I’ll go and tuck my son in at night and sing him to sleep [with] a lullaby, and then I go in the studio and sing. It’s definitely a challenge and a balancing act, but one that I take on. I wouldn’t have it any other way.”

Aguilera says one of the most important things about raising her 2-year-old son Max Liron with husband Jordan Bratman is allowing him to grow up in a happy-go-lucky environment.

“I really like to let him be creative and give him the freedom to really have fun,” she says.

“I think fun is a really big element of life itself, and being able to take in the small things. I’m instilling that in him early — being playful, and allowing him to get messy and dirty as a boy and just have fun — to really push for his individuality.”

One thing Aguilera doesn’t care about? People who want to trash her. As she says in ‘Not Myself Tonight,’ “If you don’t like it, eff you!”

— Dahvi Shira

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