For the past four weeks we've been dissecting Christina Aguilera's style — giving her a "Mommy Makeover." We don't truly expect to see Christina make too many changes to her pre-mommy style. But judging by some recent TV show appearances and the People photo spread, we've noticed her taking a more "nude" approach to her makeup. Her clothes remain bold statements, accentuating her fuller chest, but they keep a very pretty, womanly look to them.

Last week we suggested some clothes to get her from play date to date night, this week we'll take a look at some clothing we might expect to see adorable Max Liron Bratman, 7 weeks old, wear. Click continue reading below to see what we recommend for Christina's new little man.

Playdate Punkster


Max is going to be one fashionable little boy, that much we know. But we don't mean fashionable in the Suri Cruise, Marc Jacobs-having style, though we wouldn't put that past Christina, either. We expect to see Max in clothes that make bold statements, whether they be graphic tees that truly say "something" or just funky-printed clothing. Inky Dink makes some really great graphic tees and onesies that are musically-inspired with an edgy twist. Our pick for Max is the Born to Rock onesie ($27).


The Juicy Couture track suit has become a cultural icon in terms of lounge wear! So, what better way to dress your little one for lounging around then in some of their infant wear. For boys they offer long-sleeved onesies that add a statement to the usually-boring style of lounge wear. The graphics on the Juicy Couture 3-Pack Bodysuits in Day Dream/Grant ($78) are adorable, and the use of the crown is perfect for this little prince.


Christina has a soft spot for shoes, so we expect to see some truly cute ones adorn Max's feet. While he doesn't need them right now, we really think that pediped's Ethan – Camouflage soft-soled baby shoe ($30) would be a great pick for him. The camo print is edgy and fun and the shoes are made to cushion and support baby's growing foot in comfort. Best of all the line embraces all sizes of children's feet, going from 0 – 2 years with their Originals line and 2 – 5+ years with their Flex line.


We wouldn't expect anything less then True Religion's designer denim to cover Max's bum. The styling on these tiny jeans is true to their signature marks, including the button down, back flap-pocket with horseshoe-looking stitching. True Religion's Boy's Billy Jean with Button Pocket ($106) in dark vintage would go with just about anything Christina puts on Max.


Since Christina spends most of her time on the left coast, we don't think we'll be seeing Max in a heavy jacket any time soon. But that doesn't mean he won't need a little covering up now and then. Small Paul by Paul Frank's Skurvy Baby Hoody ($43) would be the perfect topper for just about any ensemble we could picture Max in.

Snoozing Soundly


We wouldn't expect to find Max slumbering in any old pajamas. That's why Barn by Mad Sky's Skull Onesie Footie ($40) is a great pick. The pajamas are an adorable, soft shade of blue with a tiny skull print in brown all over. It's enough to give him a little edge without scaring those around him!


Swaddling is an art form, really it is, and we love blankets that make the art a little easier to figure out. Baby Bonkie makes the most beautiful baby swaddlers we've ever seen. Our pick for Max would be the Hicks Babybonkie ($48), a stunning turquoise and brown geometric print with dark brown minkee lining. And if, by chance, Max HATES being swaddled, as some babies do, we recommend the Bonkiebag in Teddy ($79) to keep him warm and comfy.

Add Accessories


What's a celebrity baby without the bling? Max should put his money where his mouth is with a cute and cool, blinged-out paci. Munchkin actually makes some nicely priced pacifiers in cool designs. Just think how perfect Max would look with Munchkin's Blue Crown BLING Pacifier ($6)!


Tons of celebrities turn to Little Giraffe to wrap their bundles of joy in warmth. The Little Giraffe Blanket Chenille in Army Fatigue ($58) is a great choice for Max's blankee and it comes in their smaller security blanket size, too!

Shopping for Christina is so much more fun then shopping for ourselves, we sure wish we had her disposable income! Don't forget to check out our other picks for Christina's new Mommy Look: