Christina Aguilera's Mommy Makeover -- Week 2: Accessories


Christina Aguilerahas been spotted out and about, on the red carpet, and we’re reallyimpressed with what we’ve seen. Her waist looks like it’s shrinkingright back and, well, it’s obvious that’s she’s breastfeeding andreaping the benefits! We’re dying to see her out with little Max Liron Bratman so we can see what diaper bag and stroller she covets. Until that time though, we’ll dream up our own style vision for her.

Last week we suggested some makeup to get her from play date to date night, this week we’ll take a look at what accessories (diaper bag, stroller, baby carrier) will complete her transformation to mom. Click continue reading below to see what we recommend for Christina’s new "look."

Diaper Duty

Christina is no ordinary mom, so we know her diaper bag will benothing less than extraordinary. Back in December we reported thatChristina picked up three diaper bags, all of them from Petunia Pickle Bottom. Christina originally purchased the Cake Society Satchel ($325) in midnight with matching Cameo Clutch ($105).


While we still think PPB should be her bag designer of choice, weactually have a new recommendation for her, the just announced Cake Cosmopolitan Carryall ($342). It’s a stunning, doctor-style frame made out of custom cut velvet and measures 13"high x 16" wide x 5" deep. It has seven pockets on the outside, guaranteeing easy access,and two interior pockets, that make for great storage.


Bestof all she can get it in the Midnight Blackberry print to keep itmatchy-matchy with her other choices! We also like that this stylishbag doubles well as a purse, so she can use it even when Max isn’t intow. This bag isn’t even available for purchase yet, but we bet ifChristina asked nicely they would make one available for her.


As Max gets older she can switch to carrying the Cameo Clutch($105) she already picked up. It will stuff well inside other largebags and allow her to transport all his diapering needs in compactstyle.


Inside the clutch you can find a diaper/wipes pocket,ointment/cream/pacifier pockets, fold-out, detachable, water-resistantchanging pad and an embossed plastic Cake wipe case. It also has adetachable inner zippered coin purse and a detachable wristlet strap.It sure packs a pretty punch in petite packaging — say that five timesfast!

Get Your Stroll On

We also reported back in December that Christina purchased an Orbit Baby Infant System($900). And we can’t say we blame her, the Orbit has become a truecelebrity desirable — We think it’s because of the paparazzi-styleshield it tucks away in its sun visor! Whatever the reason, we see moreand more celebrities pushing this buggy around Tinsel Town. We,however, think that Christina would benefit from a little splash ofcolor on her stroller, as the Orbit currently only comes in Mocha andBlack.


We would have picked the Stokke Xplory Complete Stroller($1099) for little Max to stroll around in. This stroller is nothingshort of amazing, the color combos are fun and individual, and thestyle of the stroller is really unique making it a style statement inits own right. Picture Christina pushing this stroller around LA in theyummy, pumpkin-y orange color … it’s picture perfect! Click here to read a full review of the Stokke Xplory on CBB reviews.


Once Max hits toddler age, we see Christina ditching that heavystroller for a more lightweight push. While Max would still benefitfrom the Stokke’s amazing design, we picture him riding around in Silver Cross’s just released Dazzle($299) stroller. It comes in four beautiful colors, one is even anorange to match the Stokke, and is truly versatile. At only 14.5 lbs,it’s a great, portable stroller that can accommodate babies from birthto approx 40 lbs. It has a 4 wheeled suspension for smooth ride andone-hand fold.

Carried Away

Rounding out our picks for Christina is a baby carrier. She’s abusy gal, with a lot to do, so she will need the help of an extra pairof hands. Whether she gets some paid help or not is her business, butwe can’t stress the usefulness of baby carriers enough. They free upyour hands while still allowing you to keep baby close to you. We getthe feeling that daddy, Jordan Bratman is a pretty hands-on poppa, so we think it’s important to keep him in mind during the selection process for this product.


We can’t rave enough about Hotslings, and we think they make the perfect Christina print, the Tattoo($60)! It’s skulls, roses, swallows and hearts in perfect rock starmomma (and poppa) harmony. Christina and Jordan would look totallynatural using this sling, as it keeps true to their style, while itcradles baby in soft comfortable cotton. The best part is that as Maxgrows, this sling will grow with him. It can do several differentholds, including a great hip hold that toddlers really like! Click here to read a full review of HotSlings on CBB Reviews.


We also think that BabyHawk Mei Tai Carriers($80 and up) are great. They offer six different carries/holds,including two backpack style variations! They have two options fortheir carriers: the headrest (approx 16.5 x 21.5) and the todd
lerhawk(which is 3 inches taller than the regular headrest approx 16.5 x23.5). And, keeping with Christina’s edgier style, they offer a BabyHawk Design Center,where you can choose from tons of different materials. We’re thinkingone of the 33 "Punk" designs will attract Christina’s style eye!

Check back weekly and watch us build Christina’s newtransformation.

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