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Originally posted February 6th: New mama Christina Aguilera, currently promoting her new DVD, Back to Basics: Live and Down Under has a lot to say — mostly about her husband and their new baby! The 27-year-old songstress and Jordan Bratman welcomed son Max Liron on January 12th, and in the three short weeks he’s been around, he’s made a deep impression on his mom.

The whole thing is just incredible. I’m enjoying him every second and I can’t stop staring at him and studying him. You can’t believe you created this. It’s just unbelievable. Me and my husband couldn’t be happier.

You think you’ve accomplished all of these amazing things, until you have your firstborn, or even your second-born, I can imagine, and it’s like, you can’t believe what you’ve done, what you’re capable of doing.

I have to say throughout the pregnancy I was never more appreciative ofwhat the female body is capable of doing until the whole thing happensand you’re like, ‘Oh my God, I did this.’

Jordan is an amazing father. I am so lucky to have him be my partner in all of this. He changes the diapers, and when I have to pump he gets the bottles ready. He’s really a hands-on daddy.

When pressed on the topic of possible family expansion, Christina laughs and says,

Oh who knows?! I’m not going to set anything in stone, but I think we’ll definitely keep going.

As for getting back to work, Christina has already mentioned that she has ideas for a new album brewing. Asked if she’s prepared for the challenges of working motherhood, Christina — who toured during her first trimester — replies,

It’s in the back of my mind, how I’m going to balance my love for creativity and performing with the ultimate importance in my life, my child. And you know what, it can be done. There are many mothers that do it and do it well.

I am sure some days will be better than others, but I am ready to take on the challenge and just be the best that I can be. Max will be a little roadie on tour!  He’ll be backstage, he’ll be my little fan.

Christina’s interview will air in two parts, on Thursday and Friday evenings, on ET. We’ll update this post as new quotations are made available.

Source: Entertainment Tonight; People

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