Actress Christie Lynn Smith blogs for Graco

Actress Christie Lynn Smith spoke to the Graco Blog about her pregnancy and what she looks forward to enjoying about her first child, a daughter, who is due March 13th. You’ve seen Christie in guest-starring roles in Boston Legal, Monk, General Hospital, Days of Our Lives, House, CSI, Malcolm in the Middle, and more.


On the Graco blog, Christie Lynn shares,

I can’t wait to see her little face and fingers and toes. I knoweveryone says how tired I will be the first few months, but I don’tthink I will be because of all the nursing and getting up every twohours; it will be because I won’t be able to take my eyes off her! Ithink I’m going to just stare in awe at her all day long. We saw in anultrasound, just yesterday, that she has my nose!

They’ve got a lovely belly shot of her too. Visit the Graco Blog to see it and the rest of the interview.

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