Christian Bale would "kill and die" for his family


Before he became a father and husband, Christian Bale says he "always enjoyed the gray in life," but since welcoming his 3-year-old daughter — believed to be named Emmaline — with wife Sandra ‘Sibi’ Blazic family has become "an area of total black and white." When asked recently by Parade if fatherhood has made him less of a risk-taker, Christian answered in the affirmative.

There’s a very hard line you find in yourself when you become a parent, an absolute belief that cannot be questioned. It’s something that you will kill and die for in a way that you never experienced before…This is something that is unquestionable.

That mindset is apparent when Christian talks about his own upbringing, something the 34-year-old actor admits was somewhat unstable for it involved repeated moves from town to town with his mom, a circus performer. While Christian says that on some level he is "grateful" for the "upheaval" of his youth, "when it comes to being a father and my family, I’m absolutely predictable."

Through the incredible position I’ve found myself in, I hope that with my daughter there will be a choice of stability or constant adventure.

Describing himself as a "court jester" with his daughter, Christian deemed the life of an actor conducive to parenting — and vice versa.

My wife and daughter come with me on location. It’s the most ideal mix. These wonderful distractions actually make me better at what I do.

Source: Parade; Photo by Ramey.

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