Christa Miller shares holiday plans

Whether its turkey with bacon, stuffing or apple crumble shipped in from New York, Christa Miller appears to have her holiday menu firmly in place. Together with husband Bill Lawrence and their three children — Charlotte, 7, William, turning 5 next month and Henry, 14-months — Christa will mark the big day at her home in California, where she will attempt to re-create the Christmas dinner her mom perfected so many years ago. Said Christa,

My mom … is going to talk me through cooking for everyone over the phone.

The 43-year-old Scrubs actress tells ModernMom that she combines the old with the new when carving out her own Christmas traditions.

My dad used to build Christmas train sets around the tree on Christmas Eve and started a collection for us.  My husband and his father have taken over the tradition and the kids love it.

As the family gets their train up and running, they can enjoy being serenaded by Henry. According to Christa, the tot "has said quite definitively that his favorite Christmas song is Feliz Navidad."

He just sang it to me at dinner and it was the best version I’ve heard by far.


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Source: ModernMom

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