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Updated September 24, 2007 10:58 AM

Raising three children is tough, but raising three children who genuinely like each? It’s a challenge, for sure — and it’s a challenge Christa Miller says she is ready for. As mom to 7-year-old Charlotte, 4-year-old William and 11-month-old Henry, the Scrubs actress, 43, spoke recently to ModernMom about what virtues she’d like most to instill in her children.

There is also a lot of sleep! Christa credits quality shut-eye as her secret for balancing work and family, and likes to take an hour-long nap in the afternoon "whenever I can." Husband Bill Lawrence chips in on the weekends. Says Christa,

Christa is proud that she’s been able to remain "so involved" with her family and still nurture a blossoming career. When its time for fun, it seems like the family of five has plenty of options.


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Source: ModernMom