May 17, 2016 05:30 PM

Her daughter Luna Simone turned just 4 weeks old Tuesday, and Chrissy Teigen is in the throes of being a new mom.

“It’s so crazy already,” she tells PEOPLE Now. “I feel really good. I have a ton of energy and it’s so different every day. Every little time you look at her, something’s crazy different.”

One of the biggest lessons she’s learned so far? “I think I’m becoming numb to the sound of crying now. The first time she cried, I was like, ‘Oh, what do we do? Everyone can hear us!’ And now I’m just like, ‘Hm, hm, hm’… I live right through it.”

But there’s actually something else Teigen has to live through when it comes to parenting Luna with husband John Legend: His apparently not-so-stellar lullabies.

“I gotta say though, if you could listen in, some of them are pretty questionable,” she jokes. “He doesn’t really know how to sing to babies … [The] bath time song wasn’t so good, I will say, last night. It was like, ‘You’re taking a bath time.’ Like, there was just no thought into it.”

But the Oscar- and Grammy-winning artist is finding his niche as a dad. “John does so much because actually, he feels so helpless in other ways. Obviously, he can’t nurse or do anything in that realm,” she explains, though he managed to share a photo of his wife and “burpface” baby to Instagram Wednesday.

“He dances with her and he’s a good, calming source. He loves the diaper change though because we had never changed diapers before so now it’s new and fun for us.”

And for the model, some of her learning experiences come from what happens when you try to get that perfect baby picture.

“It’s always scary wanting to get those photos, and [thinking] your phone is going to drop right next to the baby,” she reveals. “Sometimes I’m nursing her while I’m in hair and make-up and things can fall and you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh. My little baby!’ “

But Teigen’s honesty about learning to be a mom hasn’t always been rewarded. “I knew mommy-shaming was a thing,” she said Tuesday morning on Good Morning America about her Twitter followers reaction to her and Legend going out on a date a week after her daughter’s birth. “But I didn’t think it would come from going to dinner.”

— Catherine Kast

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