"I just wanted to talk about it for so long," she says

Chrissy Teigen was just waiting for the right moment to speak out about her private struggle to conceive.

That time came during a recent segment on her new talk show FABLife, when the model admitted she and husband John Legend have been trying to start a family for years.

“I wanted to talk about it for so long,” she tells E! News. “It didn’t feel right to ever tweet, ‘Ugh, doing my IVF shots again.’ It just sounded silly. It definitely was not planned in that episode at all.”

Despite Teigen, 29, and Legend, 36, never addressing their issues with infertility publicly, the couple’s difficult path to parenthood wasn’t a secret in their inner circle.

“I think we just have really good people around us that never said anything or else you would have known,” Teigen explains. “I have a team of maybe 60 people, John has hundreds and everyone knew. They knew the failures, the successes, everything, but it’s never gotten out.”

Chrissy Teigen on Sharing Her Infertility Struggle IVF Shots

As she waited for the right moment to reveal their story, Teigen has fielded nonstop questions about starting a family since she wed Legend in 2013.

“It’s a sweet question. It comes from a good place, but sometimes you never know what the person [is going through],” she says. “What you really want to say [is], ‘I’m trying and I can’t.’ ”

The discussion surrounding infertility also prompted a change in conversation on Teigen’s social media accounts.

“Usually I’m getting crap from people, but the amount of stories that were shared to both of us was really cool to see,” she explains.

“Like I said, John and I have been going through this for years and it’s something that has been a part of our lives and our friends have known. So it’s just nice to have a show and to be able to acknowledge it to people because I felt like I was keeping a secret from them and it was weird.”

— Anya Leon