Chrissy Teigen Feeds Daughter Luna Her 'First Savory Bite' - Watch the Too-cute Video!

"Her first savory bite - green beans," Teigen captioned her video

Photo: Instagram

Chrissy Teigen enjoys watching her six-month-old daughter Luna’s many firsts, especially if it has to do with food. And on Sunday, little Lulu expanded her taste buds — happily!

The Cravings cookbook author, 30, proudly captured the moment on Instagram while in London, England, sharing a video of her child’s first feeding of mashed beans.

“Her first savory bite – green beans. The laugh! Many tears. Oh my Lulu,” the mother of one captioned the cute footage.

And Luna’s face said it all. From the first bite of green stuff, her mom cheers on as Luna peculiarly develops the flavor on her palate. “You like green beans! Yay!” Teigen excitedly declared as her daughter responded with a few adorable chuckles.

No doubt, Luna’s dad, John Legend, also witnessed the green bean consumption. The singer also took to social media to share a photo of his little girl, who was sporting the same animal onesie as in Teigen’s video. “Sunday morning,” the 10-time Grammy winner simply wrote.

At just 6-months-old, Teigen and Legend’s daughter has experienced many food adventures with her famous parents, including learning how to make pasta from scratch. After all the tiny tot does have her very own chef’s hat.

“[Luna] seems to be able to handle a lot of different environments because she’s traveled a lot with us already,” Legend, 37, told PEOPLE in August. “We’ve been to Italy, and to France and New York, and Mexico with her, and so she’s traveled quite a lot with us already. She’s been able to handle all that so hopefully we’re getting her prepared for the kind of life we live.”

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