March 01, 2016 06:15 PM

When it comes to social media, Chrissy Teigen knows how to play it.

“I am conscious of what people want to see and what they don’t want to see, or what they see through completely,” she told PEOPLE exclusively in March while chatting about her book Cravings.

And now she’s saying that she has the same perspective when it comes to sharing pictures and information about her first child — Luna Simone, born on Thursday — online.

“We’re not going to go out of our way to hide because obviously it’s such a big part of our lives to show everything: the inside of our homes, my parents living with us, our animals, everything,” the then-pregnant star said of her social media strategy with husband John Legend. “I’m not going to do sneaky back shots of her or anything.”

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On the other hand, “You don’t want to force your kid on anyone either,” she said. “It’s important for me and John to protect some bits of us, but it’s hard to say. I didn’t think I would be the person sharing bump photos, so who knows. I could be totally wrong here.”

“I’m not ready for people’s comments. That’s more of what it is,” she said. “It’s not like I don’t want to show her or that I’m hiding.”

Her concern about her fans and critics commenting on her parenting based on her social media posts is pretty well-founded: In July, Ryan Reynolds had to answer to commenters who suggested he wasn’t holding his daughter James correctly after his wife Blake Lively posted a photo of him using a baby carrier.

But is a baby hashtag on the horizon? “Oh my God, no! One thousand, billion, percent no,” Teigen said. “No Instagram accounts, no. Everyone thinks that I have an Instagram account for my dog, but I did not make that. It’s a fan!”

Though she’s not going to create an account for her daughter right away, she’s aware of the pressure to do so as a celebrity: “You do have to think about the Instagram accounts; I remember Saint West got bought before. That stuff gets taken from you!”

There’s still something Teigen’s already had to consider: Her daughter’s personal URL. “Actually, our lawyer was like,  ‘I don’t want to try to get the name out of you guys or anything, but if you could let us know a name ASAP.’ Just because you have to buy that domain,” she explained.

— Catherine Kast


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