May 19, 2016 08:30 PM

Chrissy Teigen has been under fire lately — namely, for “daring” to have dinner out with husband John Legend without their daughter, now-5-week-old Luna Simone.

But the comments are just another day in the life for the new mom, who has received unsolicited feedback on social media about everything from how she manages her time to how her body after baby looks.

“All hell broke loose,” the 30-year-old model told PEOPLE Now about the negativity she received on social media when she and Legend went to dinner a few days after Luna’s birth.

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“What’s it going to take, for people to stop the double standard?” PEOPLE asked Teigen, referring to the fact that critics usually focus on the mother and not the father when offering their opinions.

“Instagram removing all comments — that would be helpful!” jokes Teigen, who shared on Tuesday’s episode of Good Morning America how sweet it was that Legend, 37, “had [her] back” when he took to Twitter to request that the haters give him half the blame.

She adds that her first Mother’s Day, which she was able to share with Legend, Luna, and her own mother, was pure bliss — and full of emotion.

“[Mother’s Day] has always been emotional for me and my mother because we’re so close. So whenever I even give her the card, I start crying,” she shares. “So for me to have my own Mother’s Day, [with Legend bringing out] a little onesie that said, ‘Happy 1st Mother’s Day,’ that just started [the tears] off!

“It was intense,” she adds.

So how does the author of new cookbook Cravings handle time in the kitchen now that she has a new baby?

“It’s funny, the first recipe I opened up when I wanted to cook post-baby was my Chinese chicken salad, and in it I’m like, ‘Take the time to fry your own wontons,’ ” she says. “And I was like, ‘Chrissy! I don’t have time to fry my own wontons anymore! Are you kidding me?’ So now I think it’s about cutting corners slightly.

“Do what you can,” she adds. “If you have to use a canned ingredient for this or you have to buy this pre-chopped, or just crumbling up tortilla chips and putting it on your soup rather than frying your own chips for it … it’s just nice to have the balance. Don’t drive yourself crazy.”

Jen Juneau

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