Chrissy Teigen announced that she and husband John Legend are expecting their first child earlier this week

No more baby tweets for Chrissy Teigen.

Less than a week after breaking the news that she and husband John Legend are expecting their first child, Teigen’s much-anticipated baby bump arrived. But along with the snap came a slew of body-shamers, criticizing the mom-to-be for her already plump bump.

The criticism has led the 29-year-old to swear off tweeting about her pregnancy.

“No more preg tweeting for me, lesson learned!! Back to food and reality TV and hay things,” Teigen tweeted on Sunday to her nearly 100,000 followers.

Chrissy Teigen baby bump

Earlier that day, the 29-year-old shared a photo of her brand new pregnancy belly on Instagram, connecting the post to her Twitter.

Wearing a black dress and a white sweater, Teigen’s new curves were on display in a bathroom mirror.

“Somebody is early to the party,” she wrote.

Teigen, who hit the red carpet merely one day after revealing the pregnancy, faced immediate speculation from fans across social media about if she’s expecting a boy, a girl or twins .

The model retweeted and responded to fans commenting about the size of her growing stomach, often with simply a frowning emoji face.

“Good thing I am unoffendable or this would be a rough few months,” she wrote on Sunday afternoon.

She quickly shut down rumors that she and Legend are expecting twins, noting that her IVF treatment included the implantation of only one embryo.

“I did IVF. One at a time. It isn’t twins. I can see the damn thing. Get out of my uterus,” she wrote, and added, “I put one embryo in. I have ultrasounds every few days. I didn’t announce at a week.”


Gregg DeGuire/WireImage

Although the star has sworn off tweeting about her journey to motherhood, she maintained her sense of humor throughout the whole ordeal, joking that her changing pregnancy body was her own doing.

“It’s my own karma! I love bumps so I loved saying how round/big/beautiful they are on others. Don’t worry, friends,” she wrote.

– Lindsay Kimble