Extreme Weight Loss trainer (and dad-of-3!) Chris Powell shares his best tips.
Chris Powell Tips to Keep Active Kids Energized

Cindy Ord/Getty

If you have active kids, you know they’re always in motion.

And whether they’re playing organized sports or just around the neighborhood, it’s important to make sure they fuel up on healthy snacks and drinks to keep their energy levels steady.

To find out how to keep your little ones energized, we tapped Extreme Weight Loss trainer (and dad-of-4!) Chris Powell for his best tips.

Check them out below:

Keep them armed with easy-to-pack snacks. Quick eats full of healthy fats (string, stick or cubed cheeses, almonds, cashews, peanuts and more) are great for on-the-go kids. You can just put them in a small container and stuff them in their backpack.

And now, a lot of companies are packaging fruits and veggies in kid-friendly pouches so they’re easy to carry around. But nothing beats old-fashioned orange slices. There’s a reason they’ve never gone out of style.

Make the most of a pit stop. If you forgot to bring a lot of quick bites, you can always stop off at a local deli or coffee shop for some great options. When my family is out and about and needs a speedy snack, we often go to Starbucks. Their single-serving steel-cut oatmeal provides a quick energy boost. And their Greek yogurt with fruit or honey and granola is also a smart choice for added protein.

Tell them to drink a lot. Regular hydration helps prevent muscle fatigue and keep those little bodies functioning properly. Water is best, but if they want something with a little kick, look for low sugar drinks sweetened with natural sweeteners like Stevia. Same with electrolyte drinks — the lower the sugar, the better.

Carve out family rest time. After a big day of play, it’s important for your kids to let their muscles power down. Plus, an hour or two of family entertainment on the weekends keeps them from being so wired up before bedtime. My family likes to cuddle up on the couch and watch a movie like Free Birds, which is now available on DVD and Blu Ray.