Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane Expecting Second Baby: 'Two Under 2!'

The country star and his wife will welcome a sibling for son Dutton in late October, they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively

Surprise — Chris Lane and Lauren Bushnell Lane are expanding their family!

The country star, 37, and his wife, 32, are expecting another baby in late October, they confirm to PEOPLE exclusively. Their second child will join son Dutton Walker, who turns 1 later this week.

"To be quite honest, I've never been more shocked in my entire life, because this was very much an unexpected surprise," the Bachelor alumna says, revealing she interrupted Lane as he put Dutton down for a nap in her rush to show him the positive pregnancy test earlier this year.

"We had planned on having at least two kids, so we're very thankful that it was able to happen for us, even if it wasn't necessarily on our exact timing. We're both just incredibly excited."

The pregnancy has brought the couple, who married in October 2019, "even closer when I didn't think that was possible," the "Big, Big Plans" singer, who plays fairs and festivals this summer, tells PEOPLE. "We make a great team."

Chris Lane + Lauren Bushnell Laura Moll Photography
Chris, Dutton and Lauren Lane. Laura Moll Photography

On how they found out they were expecting again:

Lauren: To be quite honest when we found out I've never been more shocked in my entire life, because this was very much an unexpected surprise. When we found out, Dutton was almost 8 months old and I didn't feel anything. I truly had no symptoms. I was actually more so taking a pregnancy test just to reconfirm that was not what was going on! And to my surprise and to Chris' surprise, it was very much positive.

Chris: I'm trying to remember exactly how it happened. Lauren took the test and then showed it to me...

Lauren: You were actually trying to put Dutton down for a nap. I was just so in shock that I came running into Dutton's room and flipped the light on really quick. And Chris was like, "What are you doing? I'm trying to get our child to go to sleep! Can you turn the light off?!" And I was like, "I'm pregnant" — just in shock. And he was equally shocked when I gave him that news.

Chris: It was very shocking!

Lauren: But now we're just like, "OK, we can do this." Wasn't necessarily the plan, but we're so thankful that we're able to have another. We had planned on having at least two kids so we're very thankful that it was able to happen for us, even if it wasn't necessarily on our exact timing.

Chris Lane + Lauren Bushnell Laura Moll Photography
Chris, Dutton and Lauren Lane. Laura Moll Photography

On how the pregnancy is going so far:

Lauren: I didn't have any symptoms but then around the six-and-a-half-week mark, it really hit me like a ton of bricks. The sickness has been a little bit more challenging this time around just physically. Unfortunately, I was so sick for a couple of days in a row that I actually had to go to the hospital and get some fluids. And so it has been a little rougher this time around. I feel like I was sicker a little bit longer this time around which was hard, especially chasing around an 8, 9 month old at the time while Chris was on tour.

We're very excited now that the shock phase and then the sickness phase that came right after that are over and we can move past those parts. We're both just incredibly excited.

I feel good now that I've turned the corner past the sickness of those first 12 weeks. Now I'm actually at the point where I'm able to feel normal again. And then I'm sure in four months or so I'll get to that point where I'm officially uncomfortable again, so I'm going to try to enjoy these next few months! I'm in the sweet spot.

Chris Lane + Lauren Bushnell Laura Moll Photography
Chris, Dutton and Lauren Lane. Laura Moll Photography

On having back-to-back babies:

Lauren: Maybe I started showing a little bit sooner, but I feel like my bump is about the same as it was with Dutton. I'm about on track to what I was with Dutton. I'm fully anticipating the potential of having another 9 lb. baby! So I'm mentally preparing for that.

Both of us are most excited for Dutton to hopefully have the same relationship and bond that both Chris and I have with our siblings. They'll be a little bit closer together — well, Chris and his brother are twins, so they're about as close together as you can get! My sister and I are a little less than two years apart. So I feel like if my mom could do it — and she ended up having four! — then we got this, we can do it.

It might be challenging, having two under 2 for a little while there, but I'm just so excited for Dutton to have a sibling. When he sees other babies and other kids, he just does not take his eyes off them. I know he's going to be so happy and so excited and such a good big brother. He's very friendly and very social. He just likes people in general so it's the more the merrier with Dutton.

On if they think baby No. 2 will be a boy or a girl:

Chris: My family as a whole, all the guys in our family, we make a lot of boys. No one in the family — minus one person — has even had a girl. So if I had to guess, I'm going to carry on that tradition and it's probably going to be a boy, but for Lauren's sake, I think…

Lauren: I feel like because of that, the Lane family could use some female energy in there!

Chris: My parents are dying for a little girl, so we'll see!

Chris Lane + Lauren Bushnell Laura Moll Photography
Dutton Walker Lane. Laura Moll Photography

On potential baby names — and if 'Rambo' is in contention again:

Chris: Well, I hope she will consider it.

Lauren: Oh, no. I thought maybe he had forgotten about it!

Chris: If it's a boy, we ended up using two of the names that we loved. We loved Dutton and we loved Walker and I was like, "Well, we're not guaranteed to have another boy. Why don't we just use Dutton Walker and give him the name that we want him to have?"

Lauren: Needless to say, our list has dwindled significantly. So we are brainstorming and re-adding to the list.

Chris: Lauren and I have talked about it and whether she really agreed to this or not is the big question for me. But if it's a boy, we agreed that I would get to name him. And if it's a girl, we agreed that she would get to name her.

Lauren: That never happened.

Chris: Yes it did.

Lauren: No, it didn't. That did not happen.

Chris: Yes it did, sweetie. So it sounds like we've got a long road of names to settle on over here!

On how becoming parents has changed their relationship:

Chris: It's brought us even closer when I didn't think that was even possible. Having a kid is a lot of work and I feel like you have to have a great partner or it's easy to see how it would not work out — it becomes too stressful. I've just realized that Lauren and I are literally a perfect fit for each other. I thought that before we had a child, but having a little boy has made me think that even more so, because I just feel like we're a great combination.

Lauren: We make a good team.

Chris: We make a great team. I feel like in a relationship, you have to have that, especially if you have kids involved.

Lauren: In the newborn phase, those first three months when we were both just so sleep-deprived, that was probably the most challenging time. And I quite honestly don't really remember fully, but I think we were both in — or what felt like in — over our heads. But coming out of that, I definitely think it strengthened our relationship. We are 100% on the same page when it comes to how we want to parent. With the way that we're parenting now, we're just learning together, growing together and supporting each other.

Chris is the most supportive dad and partner I could ask for. He's really hands-on and I very much appreciate that. Especially with him traveling as much as he does for work — when he's home, he just jumps right and takes over so that I can get a little break, which is really nice too.

Chris Lane + Lauren Bushnell Laura Moll Photography
Dutton and Chris Lane. Laura Moll Photography

On what they plan to do differently with their second child:

Chris: Not stress out so much over little things like we did in the very beginning.

Lauren: Knowing what to expect a little bit more and knowing what to worry about and what not to worry about just will ease a lot of that stress and anxiety that you deal with as first-time parents when you don't know what's going on, you don't know what's normal, what's not normal.

We started following a schedule with Dutton a little bit later — maybe around 5 months? — and it really worked well for him. So I'll probably start that earlier this time around, because I feel like it helped Dutton start sleeping and limited the crying breakdowns a little bit more. I'll implement that a little bit earlier than I did with Dutton, just because I had no idea it was a thing! But other than that, we'll just try to follow the same little routine that we did.

Although having a second child ... I've heard every child is different, so we'll probably feel like we're all prepared and then this next baby will probably completely switch it up on us! However, I do feel like we'll just be a little more prepared. Maybe we'll think we got this in the bag and then we're going to be in for a rude awakening. We'll see!

Chris: I'm just excited to not stress over the small stuff I'd never done before that I had to figure out. Having to figure out how to change a diaper and all those random little things ... I feel like a pro at changing the diaper now.

Lauren: How tight to make the diaper. Remember when we'd always worry about the diaper being too tight?

Chris: You overthink and stress out over it — and now it's a piece of cake.

On how Lauren is preparing herself if her postpartum anxiety comes back:

Lauren: Hopefully just having the ability to recognize it sooner this time around will be really helpful. I'm not necessarily looking forward to that aspect of it, because I feel like I was just coming out of that situation that I was dealing with and I was feeling like myself again when I found out I was pregnant. That was a thought that crossed my mind — I was just starting to feel like myself again!

It's always a little bit daunting to feel like, "Oh gosh, am I going to go through that again? What is it going to be like, is it going to be worse this time around?" And just not knowing.

I do feel like I have a better toolkit and resources. Maybe it won't get as bad or there won't be that stigma for myself — I'll just be able to recognize it and accept it and be OK with it. And then start to implement the tools that I was given this last time around. You just don't know what it's going to be like a second time, but at least I feel like I can recognize the signs within myself a little bit sooner.

Chris Lane + Lauren Bushnell Laura Moll Photography
Chris, Dutton and Lauren Lane. Laura Moll Photography

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