Dad Chris Klein on Life with His Newborn Son: 'I'm In a Great Place Now'

Chris Klein shares details about the joy and gratitude he feels as a new father after a history of challenges in his life

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Life is sweet for American Pie alum Chris Klein, who recently became a dad for the first time.

“There’s a lot of business that goes on,” the actor, whose son Frederick Easton was born on July 23, told Entertainment Tonightof his experiences in first-time fatherhood. “The baby has got to sleep; baby has got to eat; diapers have to get changed.”

Though the process is basically “Eat, sleep, poop or pee, repeat,” according to Klein, there are times that make every parenting task worth it all.

“There are these beautiful moments in between,” says Klein, 37, who married Frederick’s mom Laina in August 2015. “And during all those, where the whole world just stops and there I am with my son, it’s just remarkable, and I’m told it only gets more incredible as you go.”

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Klein, whose indie action-adventure film Game of Aces is now in theaters, is positive when talking to ET about how his past struggles — which included alcohol-related arrests and a 2010 stint in rehab — have shaped the person he is today.

“Hopefully, the negative experiences that you go through, you learn from and they help make you a better person down the line. I believe that is the case for me,” says Klein, who is six years sober.

He adds, “I believe that I learned some things that I needed to learn, and I’m using those things to my advantage today to be a better man.”

“There’s a big stigma with that whole thing,” Klein adds. “As anybody will tell you that goes through it, it’s a personal decision, and for me, the reasons today are a lot different than they were back then. I’m in a great place now and I love doing great work. Anything in my life that doesn’t help me accomplish my goals needs to go away.”

The actor is also extremely thankful for his wife, a travel agent whom he dated for four years before tying the knot in a Montana-based ceremony.

“We have this beautiful experience together sharing this healthy baby boy, and the amount of gratitude I have as a husband is just incredible,” he says. “It’s just a really beautiful time in our lives.”

The couple are based in Austin, Texas: the city Laina hails from, where they relocated to in 2013. And Klein shares that he is thankful he was able to be there, and home, during the first month with his son.

“It was a great place to go through the pregnancy process with Laina and a great place to have our child,” he says of the city.

“In late September, kiddo is going to be old enough that he can travel a bit, so he and Laina are coming up to Portland with me to make a film.”

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