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No, Chris Hemsworth isn’t forcing his daughter to promote him in Avengers attire.

The Aussie hunk (and 2014 winner of PEOPLE’s Sexiest Man Alive) tells Glamour that his oldest child, India Rose, 3½, has caught on to the fact that her father is a superhero on the big screen — and loves it.

“Once, her friend had on a Spider-Man costume, so she put on a Thor costume,” he says. “Of course she wouldn’t take it off. Thankfully, there weren’t any paparazzi – you can imagine the headline: ‘Forces Child to Wear Thor Costume.’ “

Hemsworth, 32, also shares twins Sasha and Tristan, 19 months, with wife Elsa Pataky — who is also an actress.

In fact, the star says sharing a career — and swapping notes — with the blonde beauty is one of the great aspects of their relationship.

“It’s when [Elsa] forgets she’s watching me on the screen that I know I’ve succeeded,” Hemsworth explains. “Someone who knows you better than anyone is able to be swept away in an illusion? That’s always a nice trick.”

Only time will tell if India will want to emulate dad’s character in the upcoming Moby Dick-inspired film In the Heart of the Sea, a role that required a much different fitness regimen than his gig as the norse god.

“To come off of Thor, where I was eating 4,000 calories a day, into this diet of fish and vegetables was a shock to my body,” Hemsworth says. “None of us had to act hungry or exhausted because we all felt it.”

At least the actor had his kids to help him get back to his regular routine. In October, he got back to work on the treadmill and used one of his sons as a weight to build arm muscle.

Tom Munro

– Lindsay Kimble

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