"It allows us to communicate about things that might be awkward," the reality TV host tells PEOPLE

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Updated September 03, 2015 12:00 PM

Who knew? Being the host of one of reality TV’s most popular shows can have some surprising perks, says Bachelor in Paradise‘s Chris Harrison.

“[Taylor] usually curls into bed with me and we watch [the episodes] together,” Harrison tells PEOPLE of his 11-year-old daughter.

“It opens up a dialogue and allows us to communicate about things that might be awkward or weird. Far be it for me to say that it’s a good tool for parenting, but it does bring up conversations and it does bring up debates about dating, what’s okay and what’s not.”

Continues Harrison: “It allows us to talk about things in an unguarded environment. I can gauge her temperature on things and everything she says to me, it’s like, ‘Okay, good girl, you’ve been raised right!’ ”

Chris Harrison daughter watch Bachelor in Paradise

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The producer and host — also dad to Joshua, 13 — says that a certain controversial couple on this season provided for some interesting commentary. “The drama between Samantha Steffen and Joe Bailey was stunning,” says Harrison.

“She’s the puppetmaster! The evolution of Joe from bully to this sad, sympathetic figure was so compelling. It’s incredible to watch. It’s rare in life when we get to see the bully fully exposed. It’s what I talk to my kids about. The people that are mean, they’re usually the most insecure.”

As captivating as the show can be, Harrison, 44, admits not every part is necessarily middle school appropriate.

“I preview all the episodes,” he explains, “and if I know something is coming up that is not okay for an 11-year-old, I tell her to step away!”

The Bachelor in Paradise finale airs Monday, Sept. 7 on ABC.

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— Aili Nahas