Chris Harrison: The Bachelor Is a 'Great Avenue for Me to Have a Conversation with My Daughter'

Chris Harrison said he uses the show to help generate conversation topics with his kids

Chris Harrison

Chris Harrison‘s 12-year-old daughter is definitely daddy’s little girl.

Harrison sat down with People Now‘s Jeremy Parsons on Thursday to talk about his show, raising his kids and how it all comes together for the single father of two.

For Harrison, filming Bachelor in Paradise is a family vacation, and the host joked about bringing his kids to the locations of drama and debauchery.

“My kids came with me to Paradise this summer,” he said. “It’s our vacation — we hang out in Mexico and swim. I feel like it’s good life lessons for them to watch Jorge the bartender and then watch Josh eat pizza and make out with Amanda. It’s good.”

Harrison said he and his daughter Taylor even watch the show together.

“She’ll sit with me in bed because I usually get the pre-release, and we’ll watch it on my computer,” he said. “It is a great avenue for me to have a conversation with my daughter. I never thought about this, but as a single dad, I want to have conversations with my daughter about men, about dating, about these things that she is heading into … As much as I would love to lock her away, this is happening.”

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And thus far, Harrison has been pleased with the Bachelor-inspired conversations.

“We’ll have these conversations like, ‘What do you think about how he treated her?’ ” he said. “And I love the things I’m hearing from her so far. Hopefully she’ll keep that attitude, but she’s a strong woman and so actually it’s funny that it is a conduit to that.”

The show has helped his 15-year-old son Joshua in an entirely different way.

“[He] couldn’t care less about what I do, but now does because the girls he’s interested in are interested in the show,” he said.

And as for Bachelor‘s latest villain, Chad Johnson? Well, Taylor isn’t a fan.

“Bad Chad went after Daddy and so that was not cool,” he said. “She’s actually very protective of her dad and she did not like that at all. And I told her, like, ‘It’s okay … he means well,’ ” he shared.

“People ask me, ‘Is Chad really that crazy?’ And I tell them, ‘He actually is a guy who wants to be loved and accepted more than anybody, but he just has that issue where he can’t. He can’t allow that to happen, and so he not only blows it up, he blows it up in epic proportions.’ ”

Harrison said his job has not only been “a great study of human behavior,” but it’s also given him insight should Taylor choose a life in front of the camera.

“Remember, Daddy is watching,” he said. “Daddy is watching at all times. At all times. I hear and see everything.”

The protective dad has a more laidback attitude toward the prospect of his son handing out roses. “Have fun, buddy, go get ’em,” he joked before admitting, “Such a double standard!”

— Blake Bakkila

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