Chook Mook Amber Teething Necklace: An Age-Old Solution with a Modern Look

Amber teething necklaces are the new ‘it’ thing for babies to wear. The new ‘it’ thing from thousands of years ago, that is. The amber teething necklaces from Chook Mook ($42) just happen to be the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen.

Made from genuine Baltic amber nuggets (not chips or pressed beads like many on the market today) they are said to have natural healing and pain-relieving properties, so they’re as useful as they are pretty! Jacinta at Chook Mook hand knots (double knots, even!) all the beautiful beads onto 100% silk and attaches a sterling silver fastener of your choice.

Her beads are without a doubt the nicest ones I’ve encountered and she has a huge variety of shapes and colors available. There are no synthetics, plastics or glue in Chook Mook necklaces — and that’s saying something, since so many amber teething necklaces out there have these offenders in them. And if you’re unsure about a necklace on your baby, why not try a pretty anklet ($22), instead?

The biggest question you must have, though: do they work? Well, when I put mine on my daughter she inevitably cheers up and becomes as sunshine-y as the beautiful ‘Oranges and Lemons’ beads on the necklace. Color me convinced.

— Stephanie

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