Chip and Joanna Gaines Enjoy Fireside Puzzles, Snowball Fights with Their Kids on Family Ski Trip

Chip and Joanna Gaines shared fun in the snow and sweet moments indoors with their five kids on a recent family trip

Chip and Joanna Gaines, Kids Enjoy Fireside Puzzles and Snowball Fights on Family Ski Trip
Chip Gaines and kids on family ski trip. Photo: Joanna Gaines/Instagram (2)

Chip and Joanna Gaines enjoyed fun in the snow with their whole family.

The Magnolia founders enjoyed a ski getaway with their five children — daughters Emmie, 13, and Ella, 16, and sons Crew, 4, Duke, 14, and Drake, 18 — scenes of which Joanna shared in an Instagram Reel on Sunday.

The sweet video begins with Crew and Chip standing by a fire and then playing in the snow. Later, the dad can be seen hilariously struggling to put on his youngest son's skis.

While Chip works with Crew on the basics of skiing, the girls can be seen in full gear, catching falling snowflakes on their tongues.

When it comes time to take the fun indoors, the family enjoys doing jigsaw puzzles and playing an interesting tic-tac-toe-style game with ping pong and peanut butter on toast.

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Using a snowball-making tool, Duke can be seen cranking out a big mound of snowballs. The kids are also seen jumping in the snow and making snow angels. In one shot, Crew gets to hold a giant icicle that's bigger than him.

At the end of the video, someone shovels snow into a giant cooler, which is seen a split second later in the family's sunny Texas home. Crew opens it up and reaches in with the snowball tool, making himself a single ball and throwing it up into the air and before it comes splatting down on the ground.

Joanna Gaines cooking with her son
Joanna Gaines Instagram

Reflecting on their journey in the business during an appearance on the Kennebec Cabin Company podcast earlier this month, Chip said the couple was "kind of naive" about letting their kids be on television when Fixer Upper first began.

"As the kids got into fourth and fifth seasons and they're getting a little bit older in age, and now they're getting recognized out in the wild, mama bear came out and papa bear. I'm like, 'I don't know that I want my kids to be visible in that way unless they want to be visible,'" he explained.

"If this is the path they want to be on and they choose to go this route, well then I want to be the biggest cheerleader for them as if they picked up tennis or piano," Chip continued. "Let's go, let's go make you the best in those spaces as you can possibly be. But none of my kids were really drawn to it that way."

"So Jo and I started realizing, 'Man do we have to have the kids involved in this particular thing and that?' And as we pushed back on that, the answer could be yes sometimes and no sometimes."

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