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Which road are you on? This is the question the ChicBlvd asks women. It doesn’t matter what road in life you are currently truckin’ down as this website is geared toward the trendy single woman (desperate for dating advice), the chic career woman (who barely has time for decorating much less entertaining) and also the new mom (who isn’t quite ready for "mom" jeans that sacrifice her style and personality). If you are between the ages of 18-35, this new site provides guidelines on dating, planning a wedding, baby tips and mothering advice and basic living from a modern day perspective.

Kailynn and Nikki, co-founders of ChicBlvd.com, grew up in different areas of the country but shared the same dreams for their lives- dating, getting married and starting a family. Although they are currently the same age, they are in completely different areas in their lives. Realizing that there are not many resources available out there for women their age, they set out to provide women with a "roadmap" for this time in their lives and so ChicBlvd was born- the corner of childhood dreams and grown-up realities.

ChicBlvd is full of insightful tips and relevant advice, the type of advice you would only get from your closest girlfriends. They also know that women love a good laugh so they include a humorous element with their original short “girlfriend tip movies” which provide tips with slapstick humor. The Treasure Box feature includes a ChicFind of the week, the weekly Nugget of Truth column where Lara Davis provides insight and encouragement to everyday life as well as the occasional discount code and drawing. The lone man on the site, Andre of Ask Andre, provides a guy’s advice on dating, gift ideas and other topics where a man’s perspective may be helpful.

ChicBlvd also has a hip and trendy online boutique that’s full of unique items for the 21st-century, stylish young woman. This includes gifts for him or her, exclusive items for your wedding, and also tons of unique items for baby, furry friends, entertaining and more. They carry several items in their online boutique that have been recently purchased by celebrities. Oh Mama! bars are for sale in the mom to be section of the site and Jennifer Garner has been seen eating the bars (see US Weekly) while Brooke Shields and Shoshanna Lonstein have written personal notes praising Oh Mama! Queenie Forever Tees are also for sale in the boutique and have been seen here on these celebs.

ChicBlvd sends out two weekly newslettersGuidance and CrossRoads, one is informational and one is a contest through which subscribers have a chance to win a FREE prize each week. You will receive a $5.00 gift certificate at their online boutique when you sign up for their newsletters. You must indicate you heard about them through the Celebrity Baby Blog when you sign up (check off Website, and Other and fill in "Celeb Baby Blog.") Sign up today!

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