October 15, 2007 10:11 AM

Brit singer Cheryl Cole, 24, recently admitted she would love to start a family with her husband Ashley Cole, 26, star footballer for Chelsea, but she’s worried having a child might cause problems for bandmates in her girl group, Girls Aloud.

Girls Aloud achieved a great deal of success of in the UK and Europe due, in part, to their heavy touring schedule. Cheryl doesn’t want her family life to interrupt the group’s success, even though she and her husband of one year are desperate to have a child together.

I do really want a baby and so does Ashley, but it’s not just my life I have to think about — there are four other people who would be affected if I got pregnant. The band has got a bit of a break next year, once our tour is out of the way, so maybe then.

Cheryl insisted her pregnancy will be planned with “military precision” so that the birth can fit in between her work with Girls Aloud, and Ashley’s game schedule.

There’s so many things to consider, it’s crazy. Like, if Ashley has a match on the day the baby is born, he still has to play, so he could miss the birth. We’ll have to plan it with military precision.

Despite the lack of a child, Cheryl claimed married life is fantastic.

We are really, really happy.  We spend every minute that we can together. He’s not into showbiz parties or flashy restaurants, he just likes staying at home with me.

At times I think I’d like to go to The Ivy or somewhere really trendy. But Ashley’s not bothered about the whole celebrity thing. He’s just an amazing, genuine man.

When motherhood finally happens for Cheryl, she’ll have a great support system; the singer counts mother of three Victoria Beckham as one of her close friends.

Source: The Mirror

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