Former First Daughter says her disclosure to PEOPLE 'mortified' husband Marc Mezvinsky

By Sandra Sobieraj Westfall
September 15, 2015 08:45 AM

After being outed by his wife Chelsea Clinton in a PEOPLE interview for taking a pass on diaper duty, a “mortified” Marc Mezvinsky cleaned up his act at changing time.

“He’s working on it,” Clinton said Tuesday on NBC’s Today on Tuesday. “He was really rather mortified that I shared that, so he’s been changing lots of diapers in the last week.”

It was in an interview for last week’s issue of PEOPLE that Clinton, who is promoting the release of her first book, let it slip that Mezvinsky won’t change their 11-month-old daughter Charlotte’s diapers if he can help it.

“I don’t mind. I really don’t!” Clinton said at the time of her unequal share of diaper time with Charlotte. “She’s just so cute!”

That one little aside caused a big stir online and Mezvinsky felt the heat.

“I didn’t know that that would have the impact it would,” Clinton told Today. “If I did, I would have talked to PEOPLE much earlier!”