Chase Wright and Girlfriend Brittany Norris Welcome Baby Son Ashur — See the Exclusive Photos!

Chase Wright and Brittany Norris welcomed baby boy Ashur Lee on Nov. 21

chase wright baby
Photo: Austin Friedline

Chase Wright always wanted a family, and the singer/songwriter knew a couple of years back that he had found the perfect woman to someday build a family with.

What he didn't know was that someday would come so soon.

"I knew when I met [girlfriend] Brittany [Norris] that she was special, and I couldn't imagine living life with anyone else," reflects Wright, 26, during an interview with PEOPLE. "We both knew shortly after officially dating that one day we wanted to grow the family we were building. Neither of us knew exactly when that would be, but God had a plan for us the entire time."

Indeed, with the arrival of son Ashur Lee Wright on Monday, Nov. 21, Wright is finding that the family he has always dreamed of has begun to materialize before his very eyes.

"We are so excited to welcome Ashur Lee to the world and introduce him to our country music family," the Indiana native shares exclusively with PEOPLE.

Making this story even sweeter is the fact that Wright had been getting in some practice in the "daddy" role long before Ashur arrived, as Norris was already the mother of daughter Eden when she and Wright first met.

chase wright baby
Austin Friedline

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"Meeting Eden almost two years ago and becoming a parental figure to her gave me a crash course on what it meant to be a father," says Wright, who began as a freshman track star at DePauw University before picking up a guitar and ultimately making the move to Music City. "I learned a lot from her, but I feel like parenting a toddler can only prepare me so much for what adding Ashur to our family will be like."

Eden was just about a year and a half old when Wright met her for the first time, so he says he missed the whole infant stage of her upbringing. "Even though I've had some practice, having a child of your own is a bit different," admits Wright, who released his debut album Intertwined just last year.

Wright and Norris' growing family has also naturally strengthened the already tight bond the couple has long had together.

"Initially, [Norris] thought that already having a child would scare me away, but it really only excited me to get to know her more," explains Wright. "Being a father is something I've looked forward to for a very long time, and I was excited to fit into that parental role with her as our relationship grew."

chase wright baby
Austin Friedline

But make no mistake — Wright is quickly realizing that fatherhood is a constantly evolving job title.

"In our first weeks home, it's been quite a change of pace," Wright says with a laugh. "Time management has taken on a new meaning. However, the love and excitement of a new baby brother and son has been something that has truly changed our perspective on life."

It's a life that seems to be moving at warp speed for Wright both personally and professionally for Wright, as the aspiring hitmaker was recently named one of Pandora Country Artists to Watch in 2023 based on the strength of songs such as fan favorites "Why Can't It Be Over," "Lying with You" and his current hit "Hurt No More."

Concludes Wright, "2022 has been such an amazing and pivotal year for me."

"I am so grateful to be included in a group with such talented artists and having the overwhelming support of this industry moving into the new year only inspires and motivates me to keep working hard toward my dreams."

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