Charlie Sheen Cuddles Bob, Brooke Mueller Mad About Max

Walk into the Mueller-Sheen household and it is probable that actor Charlie Sheen will be cuddling close with his newborn son Bob Carlos, as his wife Brooke Mueller snuggles up with his twin Max! In their first interview together since the birth of their fraternal twins on March 14th, the couple reveal to Extra that each baby holds a special place in their heart. With Charlie favoring Bob — whose middle moniker is Charlie’s given name — Brooke shares her thoughts on Max.

“Max [is my favorite]. Max is sweet and quiet. And Bob is kind of loud and cries a lot like his father.”

That said, Charlie and Brooke insist that their preferences are only “fake favorites” and that each baby boy is equally loved. “No, no. The kids will see this [interview] one day — and never forgive us,” Charlie laughs, adding that the favoritism will “change from day to day.”

All kidding aside, Charlie couldn’t be happier with the path he has taken in life. With both boys doing “great” — and Mom “look[ing] fabulous” — the 43-year-old actor jokingly sends out a warning to his fans. “It’s an exciting time for us. Be careful what you wish for. Here we are…” Brooke adds, “with twins!”

Source: Extra

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