Channing Tatum Announces Second 'Sparkella' Book Inspired by Daughter 'Being Herself in the Real World'

The actor and author will release the second Sparkella book in 2022 following the success of his New York Times bestselling debut The One and Only Sparkella

Channing Tatum - The One and Only Sparkella: Makes A Plan
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Channing Tatum has another book on the way!

The actor and New York Times bestselling kids' book author, 41, will release The One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan on May 3, 2022, following the success of The One and Only Sparkella.

Inspired by his 8-year-old daughter Everly, whom he shares with ex-wife Jenna Dewan, Tatum's second book, illustrated by Kim Barnes, is about persevering in the face of unexpected challenges.

"The second book's inspiration was a little stop and start," Tatum tells PEOPLE via email. "I started to go deeper into her school experience. I ultimately decided that I wanted to keep the second book in the world of Sparkella and her dad's experience learning from each other, teaching each other, etc. The first book was very much about how Sparkella and her father handle/navigate things when they're nervous about how things are going to go, or how things are going to be."

The star says he wanted the second book to tackle how kids and parents handle unexpected changes and managing expectations.

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"I thought it would be really nice to experience something with the dad and Sparkella that was really about when Sparkella has plans, and the plan is now not going at all how she wanted it to go, and it is now failing," he says. "It's about changing your perspective when things have not gone how you have wanted them to, how do you adapt, how do you change? Maybe the way you wanted things to be could be even better?"

Tatum shared a first look at The One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan via social media and PEOPLE has a sneak peek at the book's official plot description:

"Sparkella is excited for her first sleepover with her new friend Tam. A glittery, glimmering outfit sure to impress? Check! Everything they need for the awesomest tea party ever? Check! A collection of games to delight and inspire? Check! She can't wait for Tam to arrive in a few hours, but first she needs one more very important thing for their sleepover: a castle fit for two royal highnesses."

"But no matter what she tries, Sparkella just can't seem to get the castle to work. The leopard stones for the wall are too hard to find! The cardboard breaks when she tries to climb to the second floor! The nails are boring and so NOT glitter-tastic. Sparkella is frustrated, and worried her castle will never be finished in time. But with a little help from her dad, she soon learns the importance of patience, and figuring out creative new ways to do things when your original plans fall through."

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Channing Tatum and daughter Everly. channing tatum/instagram

Tatum also shares how a day working on a creative project with his daughter Everly specifically inspired the second Sparkella installment.

"Everything I write in these books is pretty much a direct inspiration of something that has happened with Evie and me. She doesn't help me write the books, but my experience living and learning from an 8-year-old, is basically the inspiration for these things, these little stories," he says. "

"This one came squarely from a day that Evie and I were trying to build a birdhouse. She had all these ideas and dreams about how she wanted the birdhouse to look, and what wood to build it out of, how she wanted things to be on the inside and outside, and we didn't have the materials, and the materials she wanted wouldn't be able to do what she wanted to do anyways."

He continues, "It was a really big learning lesson to have a dream for something, have this big idea, and then to watch her struggle to figure it out. She was so determined that it could work the way she wanted it to, and to watch her go through that process, and help her come up with new ideas about how to accomplish different things that could be even better than her first idea. That's where the inspiration came from, and that's how Evie helped me write it. It was just her being herself in the real world."

Tatum told PEOPLE he was motivated to write the first Sparkella book after noticing daughter Everly not wanting to wear a favorite outfit to preschool.

"It was just something that I noticed in my daughter, watching her for the very first time become self-conscious," he said. "She would wear a cape that, when you held your arms out, you [looked like] a slice of watermelon. And it was one of her favorites. But she didn't want to wear it to school, and when I asked her why, she said, 'I don't want to get made fun of.' So I wanted to make this little story about this girl who is very unique and really likes to shine."

The One and Only Sparkella Makes a Plan will be on sale May 3, 2022 and is available for pre-order here.

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