Change in comment system

We are testing out a new way to comment that will allow those to post comments who have not been able to comment with TypeKey in the past. You will need to enter your name and email address. Your IP address will be captured as well. To ensure you are not a spammer, you will need to enter a combination of letters and numbers after you click "post."

If we find that people abuse it, we will go back to the TypeKey system.

Though the Celebrity Baby Blog is not a community site, we know fromour past Reader Surveys that people like to share their opinion so we would like to continue to include this feature. Please remember when you comment that we do not allow any nasty comments- either towards celebrities, readers or the staff of the Celebrity Baby Blog. When you are posting a comment, ask yourself what my nephew’s Montessori nursery school teacher tells them to consider before saying something… "Is what I’m about to say true, helpful and necessary?" If not, please do not post it.

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