Chance the Rapper Is Loving Extra Time at Home with His Daughters: 'They Make Me Laugh So Often'

"The fact that me, my daughters and my wife all live in one house together is a huge, huge blessing," he tells PEOPLE exclusively

Chance the Rapper daughters
Chance the Rapper and his daughters. Photo: Chance the Rapper/Instagram

Chance the Rapper is cherishing extra time with his daughters amid the coronavirus pandemic.

While catching up with PEOPLE for One Last Thing, the 27-year-old Grammy winner opened up about raising his adorable daughters Kensli, 4, and Marli, 7 months, with his wife Kirsten, 26.

“They make me laugh so often,” says the proud dad. “Kensli says really funny stuff and she’s very, very advanced for her age. I know all parents say that about their kids, but it’s ridiculous. She’s so intelligent and she just speaks. She’s very opinionated too. She says exactly how she feels about stuff. She’s 4, but she acts like a 7 year old that’s acting like she’s 13.”

Over the last few weeks, Chance says he and Kensli have been watching Bible story cartoons together, playing their two favorite games and dancing.

“We play Ambulance and Jenga. Those are our two games that we play every day now. She has her own little Jenga, but I think the music that we dance to and the games that we play are probably the things she will remember the most fondly.”

Last week, the star — who hosts Quibi’s reboot of MTV’s Punk’d — dedicated two days of hard work to building a new bike for Kensli.

“She had this little kid’s bike that, I don’t know how it works, but they make these bikes that don’t have pedals on them. I don’t know where the kids’ legs are supposed to go!” he says. “Kensli just walks it around the house sometimes. It was just sad, and I was like, ‘Man, you need a real bike.'”

His first day of building his daughter’s new bike — which was purchased “over a year ago” — was cut short after little Kensli wanted to help but accidentally turned on the faucet to their jacuzzi tub instead. While Chance got drenched, the entertainer tried again the next day: “I did finish and I was really proud!”

Kirsten Corley, Kensli Bennett, and Chance The Rapper
Kirsten, Kensli and Chance the Rapper. Charley Gallay/Getty

Meanwhile, Chance reveals his infant daughter Marli is starting to learn a few words — and bringing some much-needed humor to the family. “Her first word was ‘Dada,’ which I’m proud to say both of my girls’ first words were ‘Dad’ basically,” Chance tells PEOPLE. “She calls everybody ‘Dada’ now. She even calls her toys and her pacifier ‘Dada,’ so that’s just her go-to phrase now.”

“I was making a bite for Kensli, and [Marli] was in her little walker. She wobbled over to me and I was like, ‘Heyyyy’ and she responded the exact same little ‘Heyyyy’ back to me,” he adds. “It was in key and matched my energy perfectly. I was like ‘Damn, can you talk? That’s crazy.’ That was a crazy moment for me. I laughed at it.”

Kirsten Corley and Chance the Rapper
Kirsten and Chance the Rapper.

As he and his family remain safely at home, Chance says he now has an even stronger appreciation for his loved ones.

Says the star: “I’ve been waking up daily with a newfound gratitude and being very grateful that I’m married right now. The fact that me, my daughters and my wife all live in one house together is a huge, huge blessing, so I’ve just been taking that in.”

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