Celebrity Moms and Dads Share Their Parenting New Year's Resolution

Our People Parents squad takes on the tough questions. This month: What's your parenting New Year's Resolution?

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Courtesy Jamie-Lynn Sigler

"Give myself more me time. I tend to follow the rule 'If I’m not being paid to leave my kids, I’m always with them.' Which is wonderful... but sometimes Mommy needs a break. And I’m going to take just a few more."

Jamie-Lynn Sigler and her husband Cutter Dykstra are parents to sons Beau, 5, and Jack, 11 months. She is an actress whose current project is Hunting Season.

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Hilaria Baldwin/Instagram

"I’ve been really focusing on teaching my kids kindness and compassion. I want that to be the primary focus of the New Year."

Hilaria Baldwin and her husband Alec Baldwin are parents to Romeo, 6 months, Leo, 2, Rafael, 3, and Carmen, 5. She is a fitness expert and author of The Living Clearly Method: 5 Principles for a Fit Body, Healthy Mind & Joyful Life.

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Courtesy Tamera Mowry

"To make more time for Me Time. With two kids it’s been a little challenging.”

Tia Mowry-Hardrict and husband Cory Hardrict are parents to son Cree, 7, and daughter Cairo, 7 months. She is an actress whose next project is Netflix’s Family Reunion. Her YouTube channel is Tia Mowry’s Quick Fix.

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Eric Winter/Instagram

"Without question my parenting resolution is to be more patient, especially with my daughter. Being a parent is incredibly rewarding, but it’s also by far, one of the most challenging things I’ve ever had to do. Especially as my daughter gets older and becomes more of her own little individual. She’s an amazing little girl. Incredibly strong and independent, but with that comes our job to harness that amazing energy into a consistently kind and respectful young lady. This takes patience!”

Eric Winter and his wife Roselyn Sanchez are parents to daughter Sebella, 6, and son Dylan, 13 months. He is an actor whose next project is The Rookie; he also has a children's book, Sebi and the Land of Cha Cha Cha.

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Heidi Pratt


"My New Year's resolution is to be less stressed and not to worry about the little things. Becoming a mom has been such a blessing and has come with so many new challenges. I would also like to expand our family in 2019!"

Heidi Pratt and her husband Spencer Pratt are parents to son Gunner, 14 months. The Hills alumna is currently filiming the reboot of that show, has a jewelry line, Stone Love, and is currently working with her husband on a podcast called Make Speidi Famous Again.

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Justin Baldoni/Instagram

"This year I am acknowledging my full-on addiction to my phone and staying connected, and will instead be working on staying connected to my family. I think being present is something we have to actively work on, and I am working hard to create memories for my kids that don’t involve their daddy staring into his phone. My sincere presence is the greatest present I could ever give them. Also shoutout to my wife Emily for being my mirror, and helping me grow as man/dad/husband. I love you, sweetheart."

Justin Baldoni and his wife Emily are parents to 3-year-old Maiya and 14-month-old Maxwell. He currently stars on Jane the Virgin.

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Eva Amurri Martino and family. Julia Dags

"My parenting resolution for the New Year is to separate work and play more effectively. Working from home, with two toddlers, the lines get blurred really easily! Kyle and I are making a pact to put our phones in a different room (in a cute basket, natch) during family play times and meal times so that we don't get distracted when work calls. I've noticed that Marlowe and Major are way more cooperative and more generous with each other when they get stretches of undivided attention from us!"

Eva Amurri Martino and her husband Kyle Martino are parents to Marlowe, 4, and Major, 2. She is an actress and writer who blogs at Happily Eva After.

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Courtesy Teddi Mellencamp

"I don’t make resolutions; rather, I set daily goals for myself. That way I know each day I’m trying to be the best parent (and wife and business person) I can be. Every day is different so no year-long resolution can prepare you for that!"

Teddi Mellencamp, an accountability coach and star of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, is raising son Cruz, 4, and daughter Slate, 6, with husband Edwin Arroyave, as well as his daughter Isabella, 10, from a previous relationship.

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Nicole Ari Parker/Instagram

"My parenting resolution for 2019, now that I have preteens, is to honor who they are becoming and what they're going through and making time for that. I thought 'Hey! They're good! They got this!' (I was just happy they could pour their own juice and take the bus to school.)

In the coming year I'm taking a deep breath and accepting their emerging individuality but accepting that I still have to parent accordingly.My daughter, the one who could do math with her eyes closed, is now distracted by group chats and fashion accessories. I have to not only be more engaged with this emerging self consciousness but also be more firm about time management. I realized I can't assume she knows that study hall is for getting work done, duh, and not for designing sneakers online or planning gigantic beauty bar sleepovers! The new firm rules have to be set based on what I observe. She has to do homework downstairs with the whole family. Then we can do face masks. Annoying for her...but it all gets done!

My son is an athlete, an emerging comedian and an emotional learner. He likes to ponder concepts....Did not see that coming by 12 years old. So now I have to be present with him more often so he can sort through his thoughts and get his work done...and also teach him about consequences: No [homework]=no basketball.

It's tough.

While these young humans are my top priority, I have to go to work too, and oh that's right, there's a husband somewhere in there. So I'm still figuring out how to fit it all in. I'm learning as I go. Kids aren't born with a timeline and a guidebook. But it feels good to dig deeper and find out how to give them what they really need ....untilthey don't need it anymore."

Nicole Ari Parker and her husband Boris Kodjoe are parents to daughter Sophie, 13, and son Nicholas, 11. Both actors, Nicole's next project is Empire and Boris' is Station 19.

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Ashley Williams/Instagram

"I think we are going to make it a priority for my husband and I to spend one-on-one time with the kids more often. It's fun when it's all four of us, but it's also a circus! Recently, though, Neal and I took our older son Gus to the Lower East Side to wander through art galleries and left our younger son Odie with a friend. It was just the three of us and Gus seemed to really appreciate the full attention from both of us. It's hard to believe at one time that we weren't a family of four! Taking a little adventure where one kid feels special is something that I think is good for all of us."

Ashley Williams and her husband Neal Dodson are parents to sons Gus, 3, and Odie, 18 months. She's the former star of The Jim Gaffigan Show and How I Met Your Mother whose next project is Instinct.

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