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Updated January 15, 2009 06:00 PM

The Boom Boom Room’s Golden Globes Gifting Suite was bustling in the days before the awards program. Hollywood’s famous families – expecting parents, moms, dads, aunts, uncles, and their offspring – stepped into the gifting suite wonderland built by 83 sponsors. Here are some tidbits we collected to share with you!


Chris Noth was swarmed by moms asking for pictures and autographs while he and girlfriend Tara looked for educational items for their one year old son, Orion. They made a deal with the author of the Your Baby Can Read line of books to teach their nanny how to work with their baby and the books. Only in Hollywood! Chris was also spotted playing on the floor with Orion for over half an hour while Tara browsed Bebe au Lait‘s Double Bibs (and selected their Mint Chocolate print). He was clearly more comfortable hanging out with his son!


Jodie Sweetin attended with her baby girl Zoie, 9 months, and her mom, Janice. While she was looking at the Born Free bottle line Zoie waved for the first time. Everyone stopped for a “mom moment” and then Jodie went on to hear more about the eco-friendly bottles. She picked up four pairs of Robeez shoes and tried them on Zoie, lamenting that “putting shoes on a baby is like putting shoes on a Barbie… impossible.” And she added that the hardest thing for her now is “getting a shower in. You just have so much time and you want to spend it all with her.”


Constance Marie, who played Angie Lopez for six seasons on The George Lopez Show, fell in love with the prototype for Blankie Keeper. At first the owner resisted giving away one of the very first Blankie Keepers ever made. “But I want that one,” Constance said pointing to the display item, “It has blue and my daughter’s bedroom is blue.” In the end, Constance won and went home with the blue small Blankie Keeper. She also picked up Just Buzzin’ By‘s Regent Skull bib, declaring, “Finally! Some hip and funky bibs!”

Kathy Hilton caused a stir by being mysterious about who she was getting baby things for. We checked in with her and she was picking up clothes and toys for her pregnant sister Kyle. So no news on the Paris/Nicky possible pregnancy front!


Chyler Leigh was taken with the Boujie Baby Basilia metallic python shoulder bag. “These are for babies?” she asked. “I’m totally going to rock that.” Holding it up for all to see, she looked at the bag with the same expression she has whenever McSteamy comes into the room on the show.


In the Just Buzzin’ By suite, Salli Richardson and Dondre Whitfield picked up the Baseball Cards bib for their newcomer. Dondre said, “These are so great, I might have to share this bib with the baby!” Dondre later joked that Salli was so close to giving birth that it might just happen in the bathroom, but that they are planning on a water birth, so it would work for him!


Scott Baio and wife Renee received Mabel’s Labels‘ School/Camp pack and as you can see from this photo, daughter Bailey was excited that her bottles and other belongings can now have their durable labels with her name on them!


Erinn Hayes told the Dear Johnnies staff that the wardrobe
 department on Worst Week chose their Mimi gown for her to wear when her 
character delivers her baby in the season finale airing mid-February. The gowns are the favorite of a lot of Hollywood moms who want to wear their own more comfortable and stylish hospital gowns. Erinn ordered a Coco style for her own delivery. She also fell in love with MiGi’s pinwheel bedding set.


It wasn’t all shopping at the suite. Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford went immediately to the Baskin-Robbins table to get a sorbet treat for her little boy Hermes. She may be in the middle of a nasty divorce, but she was a super attentive mom to her tired and hungry toddler.


Maxine Bahns was all about putting her best belly forward when Dear Johnnies asked her to take a photo with the Rory gown she custom ordered.

Jeri Ryan welled up with tears of emotion when she saw the unique children’s personalize-it-yourself book, I Love Daddy Because... She “adored” the book and had to wipe tears away while reading the author’s original version made for her children.


Constance Zimmer and Ali Landry were just some of the moms who stopped by the Philips AVENT suite to scope out the range of products and stock their reusable tote bags with the latest gear for their daughters Colette and Estela.

Christie Lynn Smith was so impressed with the nursing shawl and clothes she received from L’ovedbaby that she sent the owner an email the following day, saying that she couldn’t wait to dress her daughter Abby in the jumper she was given.


The event wasn’t just for the women and children. The Starter Wife’s James Black dropped to his knees in appreciation for a new Chicco stroller. He immediately ripped open the box and put it together right there and rolled it out. Later, he put his daughter in a Bratt Decor crib!

Everywhere we turned there were boys! Toddler boys, infant boys, and school-aged as well. These things seem to go in waves because most of the moms at the event were expecting girls!

— Maureen and Danielle