December 21, 2018 02:58 PM

It was anything but the most wonderful time of the year for these stars and their kids, but their mishap-laden encounters with Santa Claus gave us so many laughs that they’re bound to earn a spot on the nice list anyway.

North West

“North is still warming up to Santa,” mom Kim Kardashian West wrote about her and Kanye West‘s daughter, who seemed just a bit perturbed in 2014.

Saint West

Kim Kardashian West

In 2016, it became clear that North’s little brother, Saint, takes after her in at least one way: he was also decidedly put off by the whole Santa situation.

Camden, Brooklyn & Phoenix Lachey

Her youngest son’s #mood couldn’t kill mom Vanessa Lachey’s holiday spirit with her merry caption.

John Stamos

Stamos and his sisters formed a troublesome trio when they met the big guy back in the day. “All I asked for Christmas was a good head of hair. #wishes come true,” the actor joked about the throwback.

River Rose Blackstock

Perhaps Kelly Clarkson‘s daughter was just as freaked out by that “he sees you when you’re sleeping” thing as we are? “So this happened…. #RiverLovesSanta ….is it wrong I slightly enjoyed this ha!” the singer captioned the disastrous meeting.

Luna Stephens

Chrissy Teigen broke the truth about Santa photos in 2016. “‘She did such a good job!’ ‘She didn’t even cry!’ We only share what we want you to see, my loves. Lol,” she wrote on Instagram.

Giovanna & Lorenzo Lavalle

Nicole “Snooki” Lavalle’s kids had very, very different feelings about the North Pole resident in 2016.

Leonardo, Rafael & Carmen Baldwin

Getting that “obligatory Santa photo” got pretty chaotic for Hilaria and Alec Baldwin, even before baby No. 4 arrived.

Luca Comrie & Ryan Rosenberg

Hilary Duff’s son kept up his smile even as his cousin, Ryan, lost her cool. “Classic. Every fams gotta have one of these,” Duff tweeted.

Gia & Dominic Lopez

Mario Lopez’s son was still working to perfect his dad’s smiling-for-the-cameras skills in 2014.

Emerson Tolbert

Melissa Rieke Photography/

Emerson, the daughter of Bachelor in Paradise‘s Jade and Tanner Tolbert, couldn’t get over her Santa skepticism in 2017.

Eric & Vivianne Decker

Despite her little girl’s tears, Jessie James Decker was completely stoked for the 2015 holiday. “It’s Christmas Eve!!!!!” she captioned her kids’ Santa fail.

Graham Caldwell

“I’d say meeting Santa went well!” former Olympic gymnast Carly Patterson narrated her memorable snap.

Jolie Caussin

Jana Kramer’s daughter was so ready to get off that lap.

Delilah Ray Wahler

It might be another year or so before Jason Wahler’s daughter gets into the holiday spirit.

Revel Morrison

Matthew Morrison learned “a good parenting lesson” after his 14-month-old son Revel James Makai was “shaking in pure terror” after meeting Santa.

“Sometimes what YOU want is not what THEY want. And to laugh at my child’s distress was so inconsiderate,” the Glee alum captioned a photo of little Revel “doing the ‘silent scream.’ “

“I don’t want to do anything to break the trust I’ve worked so hard to build,” he continued. “I love being a parent and constantly learning!”

Catherine Giudici didn’t need more than one word to sum up this photo fail: FRAMER.

Domenica Jovanovic

“It was the best of times. It was the worst of times. 😩😂🎅❤️,” Daphne Oz joked alongside her family Santa photo, where her two oldest children — son Jovan Jr., 3, and daughter Philomena Bijou, 4½ — are all smiles while little sister Domenica Celine, 1, would rather be anywhere else!

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